Hilarion Green Light

Use The Green Ray to Rebalance for Greater Harmonization in the Body

by Master Hilarion Through Lois Hartwick

Dear Friends of the Light,

This is a welcome back newsletter, not only to each of you, but to Martha who has had her own journey over the past several weeks toward greater healing. Often when you find yourselves faced with new directions to uphold, it becomes more stressful as you do not know what you are encountering. This makes the so-called ‘healing journey’ more uncertain and less stable than it might normally be, than if you knew what to expect. Those of you who have trust in the higher aspects of yourselves, in those who speak to you each week, aspects of Spirit, prayer, and so forth, will find such a passageway smoother, but also, more healing for it is within the atoms of space that healing can more easily be brought to your being with higher intentions, energy and light.

When you are facing some unexpected event, most helpful for you to immediately turn within and speak to your inner being, to us, and certain guides and angels you trust regularly and ask not only for help, but for quietude, acceptance and the ability to integrate these energies which will be directed toward you at that time. The process will be an easier one for you with such a focus and request.

Teams of beings can form for your healing process, and this can manifest at your direction and request. There is no time limit placed in this regard. For some of you, it might mean a week in the hospital; for another it might mean the journey ahead for any number of months. Know that the assistance is there whether you are feeling this or not. Your request is being answered.

The Green Ray of Healing, which is the 5th Ray, is directed toward you as well, to integrate with your being, to produce more even and smooth results, regardless of what you are going through. It might be emotional or mental or physical or combinations of all three. Maintaining this level of contact and request will be helpful to the prospects of healing and rapidity, for your being is encouraged, with a better balance this way, to heal more quickly.

Sometimes the soul’s lifetime journey is ending, and should that be the case, whether known or not, there is a great transfusion of energy to make the leave-taking of greater ease in using the 5th Ray as well. It is not something most of you see per se, although some might, but mostly is a rearranging of your cellular structure so that the vibrational frequency is maintained in a much higher level. Usually when sickness occurs or a passage to the other side is foretold, the frequencies are able to move your being into much greater balance and therefore, the healing is allowed to transform what space has been in greater density. You will find this is not unlike the energy healings you have, only the Green Ray will work in an ongoing manner, alleviating disproportionate energies to rebalance for greater harmonization in the body. You will also find even the wearing of green a benefit as well.

In these times of change, it is helpful to utilize the 5th Ray as a daily balancer for your life, keeping your heart healthy and the physical being in better shape. Many of you recognize that you are affected by a varying array of energies present during these times, often creating physical symptoms. I going to suggest, once again, that you call forth the Green Ray at the start of your day for greater balance within the fluctuations you are feeling. It will help to move you ahead with greater ease consistently.

As always, there is help from the higher realms and those of us with such love for you to provide what we can during these times of movement and change.

Love connects us all


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