Native Americans in longhouse

Council of Native American Chiefs

Council of Native American Chiefs

With Sitting Bull and Tyberonn at the Longhouse


As some of you might remember, I received a channeling from a Native American council held just before Jan 6, 2021, when the Capitol Building in Washington was attacked. When that channeling came through, we were not told what was to happen, but the weight and nature of it was serious.  It was Tecumseh who spearheaded this session for us.

Now, a year and a half later, I am guided once again to channel another Council meeting to take place of equal importance only a short while before the fires of Hawaii, yet I believe this is not the real issue before us. This Council is lead by Sitting Bull with the surprise accompaniment of Tyberonn.

Sitting Bull: Greetings. This is a solemn occasion. We take events on this planet with seriousness. Our work is very much continuing from the other side in an ongoing manner, seeking to reveal methods of peace, harmony, and caretaking for the Earth. This last portion is a very important aspect for all of us. We are seeking to complete a very long journey of thousands of years in which Native Americans and people of all different colorations and ethnicity who have been pushed from one corner of this planet to another. In so doing, they have had to find new means and methods to survive, for the old ones may have disappeared in leaving one land for another. One area for a different one. One method of survival in terms of food for something else.

We pay attention to the movements and what is happening on your planet. We have long been caretakers of this planet. We have accepted that role. Have determined our fates. Have withstood the tide posed against us. Have welcomed Great Spirit to enable us to move forward with our very purpose and meaning. We carried this with us when we crossed over. Obviously, that was a lengthy time period for none of us left simply in one moment of time but over many moments and years.

Yet each one has carried the sense of opening the doorway to maintaining life on Earth. We are seeing a great deal of difficulty for animals and peoples to maintain their way of living and to manage to understand what is ahead. I have invited one of us to join in this Council tonight, whom many of you have heard of and know. He walks the same path we walked on your planet not all that long ago. He may participate and share his thoughts as well as myself and others in this Council.

The calling forth for tonight is to create greater alarm for those who disregard the natural process of Earth, Herself. Mankind has developed so strongly toward a technological base. A way of moving forward while keeping a new level of reality, the higher attention span, and what you direct your efforts toward. It is impossible for you to maintain Earth with such focus. It cannot be split in half as it has been. We are those who come from a culture that you know in America, Canada, many different portions of South America, Central America, and even in part, Australia. Under different names, different facial expressions, and colorations.

We stand as Indigenous people who are here to protect what is mainly ours. Everyone is here to share this space and this time. Now we are looking at those who are seeking to take it in another direction. To lessen any importance that the lands carry. The types of food that are produced. The leveling of trees that happen. The pollution of water and lakes. The maintenance of animals that roam the forest and hillsides. It is a time in which eyes must be wide open to what is occurring. Not all you are seeing or understanding is displayed before you.

There are many who carry nefarious ideas for their own purposes. Just as we, as a population, were overcome by those with different ideas as to what was important and needed. We did not matter other than to create more weapons, more calvary, more warfare. An expenditure from the government to fund such activity. You have seen the results of our minimized population. Seen the struggles we have had with broken treaties and agreements and with those who have not considered the humanity and the purpose of our presence on Earth.

Today let me reveal more closely what our hearts are saying. I include in this the man that you may know who was recently on Earth was called Tyberonn. He knows these many places. He knows this Earth and what is within it. He has seen from a higher perspective once again the decimation that is occurring with those seeking a higher presence on this planet in terms of their incomes, bank accounts, and other nudges toward fame and being known. From our hearts I wish to express the changes forthcoming will leave many broken in ways that we were, because it never seemed the land shared was enough for some. Only now it is the technology that takes you far beyond the Earth into the Universe. Into the realm of ideas, of ownership, of poverty and slavery. New beginnings that are glorified only to minimize some of you. We stand here as a grouping unable to fight such intentions where we are with total ease or complete minimization. We must awaken you to the realities of what is forthcoming, so you are prepared, and you are caring for the lands you presently tend or live upon. You are not here to destroy them and seek funds for your own need at the present for later on it will matter.

New foods must have a source of supply. A way to awaken on this planet. Foods that are modified in some form are awakening something not carried within each of you nor intended for longevity. Please see these changes occurring. Your lands are often being sold off to other cultures and ways of being. We have never given away any of our lands with higher intention. In time, there will be brought to your land those neighbors who did not intend to alter and change the very Earth you live upon.

This is not unlike a time in which many of you remember or have heard about in Atlantis. The division of souls, the outlook, and the energy that was undertaken to support those adventurers disregarding what they already had, for those who chose to honor the Earth, itself. Destruction comes when this lack of honoring occurs. You are losing the animal population. The oceans are filled with not only pollution but noise. Disruptive tests that continue onward destroying part of mammals’ ability to function.

Today it is important for you to recognize what they are experiencing is a precursor to what is intended on your lands. We have gathered together in this moment in time to ask you to remember the hardships when mankind has disregarded and disobeyed this Earth’s plan. Mother Nature, for she lives among you, yet is treated as dead. I would offer thoughts as you move from one level of consciousness into another that you retain the essence of who you are and why you came here. No one has chosen to disrupt everything. There are those who choose to live in an ego state far beyond what many can imagine that propels them forward to change. Perhaps I should say, dangerous change.

We have gathered tonight to warn you of a forthcoming event that will strike the western shores of your country. There is again another effort to realign with forces that are not positive and favorable for this Earth. We stand together. We will work our own miracles and perhaps, even called interference in some regard, with a drumbeat that creates a sound to ward off interference. Even so, we know this is not enough. We are asking you as a group, who works with Mother Nature and the Light in All Things, to focus your efforts along the coastline of your country and Canada. Including the waters as well as the land. To offer all protection that this may be minimized or an event of a larger nature scrapped.

We know the difficulty in such an effort. Yet at the same time the energy of pure light each of you carries can make enormous change. I would suggest to you as well that you find the time to speak to the crystalline structures that lie within the Earth’s surface. You find the places of connection within your Earth to enlighten and inform yourselves of what more they would seek to have accomplished and done. Recognize the Earth, Herself, and the Heart of the Mother, has things to say for these times. The mammals, the fish, and many of the beings of sea life also have a sense of what is occurring and will share their thoughts with any of you who ask.

The beating of the drums reverberates in such a manner to break through sound barriers that may be coming through with technology on your plane. We need more instead. We are gathering those on this side who are a part of the task of healing and maintaining balance with Earth. They join and participate with all of you. You are given this special request from us to realign to this purpose at this point.

Potential devastation is ahead. It is also avoidable. You are a part of this overall division of worlds yet unity of same. We hear you; you hear us. My job is done for this interaction. I share with you any others who wish to speak. Ah’o.

Angel Image

Tyberonn: I am one who has been present on Earth recently. I have worked with many on this planet. My time was seemingly over although I felt it was time to leave. Much of my work was ended without a large group to support it regularly as you have done. This does not mean there were few who would help, but it was not formed in such a way that we spent years igniting the flames within each of our hearts and putting together an overall plan. Not only this time but other centuries as well to enact a specific outcome for the planet at this time.

You have come into being and have been here a long time. I am grateful to speak with all of you. I would like you to understand that if, indeed, you put this together, and hopefully you will, you recognize it is done through the pattern. The pattern of how you are working now and infusing light into every corner and crack that you discover. We will offer thoughts and suggestions to you individually. It may be needed where you are. We ask you to understand and have patience for this process of knowing so dearly the Earth upon which you sit. The gemstones of which I am intimately connected are seeded within the Earth plane beyond the surface you see. They hold a vibrant energy and coloration of all sorts that will be able to magnify what you are creating.

I suggest you see and connect with many of them. It would almost be in some fashion as if they littered the ocean floor. It is way beyond that and way below the ocean floor. It will be a process of sustaining the stability of this planet as you are connecting with them. We, too, will have other plans to work with this directly as best we can. This is a united format. We will place ourselves in specific patterns here. They will in some cases reflect the Flower you will use as well. I wonder should you have a question or two you would wish to place before us at this time?

Summary Question #1: Would we place the whole western part of this country and Canada within a hologram and work with it in that way?

Tyberonn: Yes.

Response: Okay. And we would spin out discord. Is that what you would suggest that we work with the triple hologram or just a hologram? How would you suggest we work?

Tyberonn: I would suggest the triple hologram because this love energy needs to pervade that which is there, absolutely. Additionally there is the opportunity to spin out energies that are of a negative nature. In this case that which you are preparing or doing for you will find that would be something coming in that needs to be completely minimized or even at times barricaded by the protection afforded by these different triple holograms.

You may have an enormous hologram but you may find that you choose to put five, six or ten from the entire coastline from upper Alaska all the way down through lower Mexico. By putting in several of these you may find each one of you has a specific hologram to go to and to activate each day or each week depending on how it is set up. I would suggest as well that with many there is the opportunity to activate but retain a spin whether you are in this given hologram day after day, after day. It can function with a startup and presence that will allow for this to be ongoing.

That may take a few more instructions with Lois to present how that is set up. It is definitely an asset so you are not scheduling three or four nights a week to be present in accomplishing such a meditation. Of course that is individual and up to you. However, this will be an important asset for this time.

Summary Question #2: I now understand they can go all the way up from Mexico to Canada and Alaska. How wide are these holograms? I presume you want multiple holograms – a big one and then multiple ones. How wide are they? Are they wider than California? Should we expand out into Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, or just the coastal western states?

Tyberonn: I would suggest mid-way through the state you know as Idaho. Look at a map and draw in your mind a picture of what portion of these states this would include. That would be the width. Then on the opposite side into the ocean I would say about equal distance perhaps somewhat more like including California and Idaho. This is going to be quite large. Thank you for the question. We are extending this for any unseen contingencies.

Response: You or Chief Sitting Bull said there were energies coming in from outside of this planet that are having to do with this event that is going to happen or is it from within Mother Earth, Herself, that this will occur?

Tyberonn: It is both.

You must understand some of what is occurring in one place or another, whether it is your country or somewhere else, whoever these people are perhaps in certain positions of government or head of military services or such are often in place because they are connected on the other side. We are given initial designation or home bases that have a particular agenda. Let us talk for a moment and say there are those who are part of a star system, or planetary system, or even cosmic board system, that would represent a level of protection or wellbeing for planet Earth.

You are familiar with the Pleiadeans. You understand they have gone through many transitions and are able to support a given number of agendas on this planet because they have undertaken them themselves. Have made mistakes, learned, and given lessons. They are here to show mankind better choices, higher realities, and to move into places that are no longer stuck or even nefarious.

That is not true necessarily of another agenda. Another place in the universe that may also send people. These people may go to a culture or country that supports aspects of control of minimum free life. When you put these two together on Earth there can easily be an interaction that is harmful from one to the other. That is just even the most simple explanation. You must understand there are beings from hundreds if not thousands of locations not all are in large groupings but some are. They will easily determine an outcome they seek to have and perhaps where you are in your country that objective is quite different.

The political scenario on planet Earth has become extremely complicated. It is not smoothing into peaceful waters. Your efforts add to the frequency and vibration of what is occurring. Peaceful efforts and those of dictating light or utilizing a source-based model as the hologram is, refines those energies which have become disruptive, harmful, misplaced, and serving no one ultimately. You are in a time in which disruption is at your fingertips. Not meaning you are creating it. Meaning that it is already present and ready to be touched.

This can be a level of focus for your planet, for the people who hear this type of message, to pull together with these actions they are most familiar with to level the playing field to one of peace. These will occur in other places and other times in years forthcoming for the control issues remain. They have not stopped. Nor will they until a larger population is willing to accept differences and hold this Earth and peace upon it as the objective of life. It will take time. We are yet again asking for this type of activity so the waters are calmed and not so divisive so one can no longer sail for no water is left. Hear our hearts in this message. Know I did not come to the name of Earth Keeper while there in an idle manner. I am one of many on both sides of the veil who have long known these disruptions would be more and more virulent. Now is the time to activate those things you are learning and able to do. There can be others who will join in.

We are already opening to new vistas with your entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship in terms of supporting this planet. You are greatly held with love in our hearts. There are many here in this council tonight with fires burning. I would say approximately 700 in total. We are ready to put forth our energies and ground them through all of you when you are ready to be with us. Perhaps a few more discussions among you and ways to activate this program might be discussed. There is much gratitude for your Earth and for each one of you.

None of you is here to idly sit by. I grasp your hands with both of mine shaking yours so you feel the strength and the love that comes through me. This, too, will be transmitted to this Earth. I am Tyberonn, an Earth Keeper sending you a great deal of love and support. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Good night.

All: Thanks and love were given to Chief Sitting Bull, Tyberonn, and Lois for this channeling tonight from all attendees.