Daily Prayer

In God’s Light, I am seeing all things as His being. I take in nothing from any space, in any dimension, that lets in anything that is less than His Light. I ask for complete and total protection to see that which I am. May the Angel of Light bring to me the highest presence of God in all that I see, do and hear each day.


Angel Image

Beloved Creator of All Life

Please insure my well-being at all times within the Light and afford me the highest protection each and every day of my life. I ask for this in that I serve this measure for You daily, as well as my Higher Self and all that I Am.

So Be It.


Prayer for A Friend or Self Healing

Beloved Creator of All things and Eminator of All Light

Please resolve in the highest manner possible the discoveries within needed to restore _________________(health issue) fully to my beloved friend (name) ________________. All choices are his/hers to make within this request and to follow his/her heart. It is for resolution in this time ahead and I ask for all measure of love be transmitted to him/her now that all things reach the highest measure of Divine Love for his/her well-being.

Beloved Creator, I sing the songs of the heart now, with full intention to place the greatest measure of support for whatever will be. Let my intentions bring forth to the fullest extent healing in our Divine friend. I thank you and acknowledge with love and gratitude in my heart. And So Be It.



Prayer for A Friend

Beloved Angels of Light, come forth now and speak to the Word of God within All. Provide clearing, love and care of our brother/sister in _____________(locale), named _____________________ and his/her family who need support and transition now into a higher level of life. Provide them with all that is needed to do so and with love and security fastened in their world as well, dispensing with all fear. Find the highest and best for them at this time. I thank you.

With gratitude, ____________________(name).


Angel Image

For Self Each Day

I ask that the highest good be brought to me each day in everything and that all my needs be met, including love.

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Invocation to Anchoring Light

From the Lord God of my being unto the Father within, Mighty I am Presence, Beloved Great Soul Being that I Am and Beloved Great Beings of Light, come forth now and surround me in the invincible tube of the White Light. Come forth into the clearest, purest, and most loving connection ever with my Highest Guides of Light, Love and Truth; with the Great White Brotherhood of Light, with Ascended Masters Sananda, St. Germain, Lord Maitreya, Kuthumi, Hilarion, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Serapis, D.K., Thoth, Buddha and all of the Great Ones; with the Archangeles Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Ariel, Muriel, Metatron and Melchiezdek; with the Grail Cup, the Seraphim, the Cherubim and the Elohim.

Let that which is spoken and done by and through me be only of the Highest of Light, Love and Truth for all who come to us now. Let it be relevant, valid, valued, greatly appreciated, specific easy to apply and understand, practical and of great assistance.

Let me make those pure, clear loving connections now between my Higher Self and the Highest Guides and the Higher Selves and Highest Guides of all concerned.

I am willing to link in our divine connection. However, I am not willing to take on that which is uncleared by my brother. Let me get my own stuff out of the way to truly render a service of the Light here that is a part of the Victory of the Ascended Masters’ Divine plan of Freedom fulfilled. To the good of all concerned, to the Glory of God, I am!

So Be it.

A. Gabriel*

*channeled and used with permission, from John Columbus Taylor with changes made by Lois Hartwick and Hilarion