A Gathering of the Nations ​with Tribal Leaders

A Gathering of the Nations with Tribal Leaders


Chief Sitting Bull:  Fellow bre​thren, I come to you today along with many hundreds, if not thousands, who will hear this message via our drums, our conversations, and many of the things that will be taken back internally to the tribes through one’s intuition.  There are these times which you are in that have long been prophesied.  Not just by someone like myself, but the many of us who are gathered here, who have known and passed down great history or revelations  seen and known and carried in our hearts throughout centuries.  There has always been the differences between the Native Americans and the white man.  This has created disruptions throughout most of our recorded history and put to service in some respects, justifying positions, treaties, outcomes and wars.

We carry within our hearts a great love for this nation.  When I say nation, I am not speaking of the government of the United States.   I am speaking of the land of the peoples.  What has been present here and offered as a gift to mankind eons ago.  We have curated and preserved as best we have known how throughout the many generations of times, whether it be on the land of America, Canada, or South and Central America.  We have farmed.  We have hunted.  We have created.  We have blamed no one initially for our failures to not keep eternally in touch with Mother Nature for there are always some things to learn and do.

When the white man decided to overtake this country, there was no understanding of our ways, of our looks, of our journey and of the sacredness of our presence on this earth.   Not all men were exactly white for there were those that came from other countries where a skin might be slightly darker.  It is irrelevant because essentially, we were understood by none.  We spent many years fighting, releasing or giving up the lands that we owned.  Owned not in the sense of paid money or having papers written out saying that this is ours and that is yours.  We owned because we settled and tended to it.  To have it reap what  is necessary.  To understand the harmony we are in with the nature of this planet.  We found over time we lost our lands, our positions, our values to the outside world in any meaningful way other than as story in a history book or something to learn about or discuss in some manner, as to why a tribe would do this or that.  But we were unknown as for our spirit and hearts and the times we have spent here.

Now the time has come for decisions to be made.  To roll out once again a reminder of the prophesies that have long been carried within us and known.  They have been disregarded.  Those who have paid attention, have not necessarily made great inroads to the overall functioning of your country.  Now it is not just America.  Now it is the lands around the world so deeply populated with people barely able to survive in so many areas.  The teachings  we have brought to this land are for survival, for understanding the blending of the harvest and the soil.  The understandings that birds sing and bring forth messages keeping you in tune with all life have so disappeared, and not been spread to other nations so needing this wisdom.

We carry in our hearts today great sorrow for all we sought to achieve and do.  Just as you would feel if you came to Earth with a mission, with a vision, with a guidance so firm, that you are here to make a difference to create greater harmony and love on your planet, and everything teaches you that is not possible while you are here.  This has caused us in spirit to seek each other out, although some of us have been united in a variety of ways, that you would notice if you studied Indian culture, and find those that united while there.  This has been ongoing in spirit in that regard.

Many of us lived in different areas of the country or in Canada.  East and west by the rivers, by certain areas that were sacred and belonging to only those who were in great reverence for them.  Now we find with what we are seeing occurring on planet Earth, that it is our mission to join together in the higher way, many tribes which did not have the opportunity or the spatial ability to combine in such a manner.  Often there were differences that would not have allowed this easily while there.

It is in all our hearts we have not achieved this great transition with any ease.  That we have not been able to uplift mankind or show a way to respect and honor Earth and all things.  We are deeply concerned.  We are seeking to find ways to communicate these messages once again.  Our people on Earth in various tribes throughout your country and other areas of the world understand and carry these inner messages with their lives.  But they are not transmitted easily to the white man populations.  So there are endless areas of the Earth which are simply used and discarded.  Abused, from our perspective.

We seek to honor this planet and to be part of the transformation predicted ahead.  We see such disregard for all of this so we are enlisting the consciousness of those who are seeking to embrace the higher truths: The love of mankind but equally the love of nature.  Of all of the beasts.  Of all of the areas that are polluted, that are toiled without regeneration.  And the many parts of your Earth which have simply been stripped away for some purpose unknown to our way of thinking.

We have come to ask for assistance.  To commune with you in ways we feel you might be able to make a difference.  We see what is ahead.  We recognize an enormous division in your world.  There are those who hear and those who seek to know and others who have no regard any more than they did two hundred years ago.  So you will feel our presence.  There may be certain ways we seek to reach you with thoughts, ideas, messages, for any of you who can volunteer to be present for any aspect which may be supportive in these times you are in.

We have many teachings.  We can distribute ways to create rains.  To push back the waters when they are flooding.  To expand the sunlight so desperately needed.  At the same time, we have undertaken a deeper mission.  One with which we wish to speak to you about.  In the dimensions many things are not necessarily seen by Earth people because they are existent in such a way, they do not come forth in a material form.  Many energies supporting this planet can be accentuated, supported and drawn upon by those of us who know how to do so.  We have gathered together to utilize our expertise and abilities to prevent some of what is planned, not intentionally in terms of creating a flood, but perhaps certain energies or technologies which are being developed that would do so unknowingly.

We seek to make transformation possible on Earth.  Our network today constitutes 3,047 Beings listening on the upper planes of what we intend to do (meaning during this channeling).  We will be calling in many more to support your planet.  Yet while we are doing so, it is important there are those who can listen.  Can at some point take a direction or offer a hand if so needed in some regard.

I speak to you from my heart.  My heart which has been burning for eons of time for goals not yet completed.  And for which I lost my life as most of us here have done.  I am passing this message to many of you so you will open your hearts to sustaining life on Earth as it has been meant to be.  It does not mean one must give up automobiles or ways to acquire food.  But to understand the inequities between so many things create such an imbalance, there is almost no opportunity to maintain that level which will be deepening each year as we move ahead.

When you are concerned about what to do with climate change, with new lasers and solar energies and various satellites, sonar and other things enveloping your planet, you do not have a way individually to combat those things any more than we really did with the white man.  But you can use what is happening as a metaphor for what our existence was like.  Despite our determination and despite the times we won certain battles, we were overcome.  Eventually perhaps all the way through had little meaning to your planet.

It is the way people treat many things.  It is an ongoing disposition that will never create a balance supporting life on Earth.  When you seek inequities, when you see these imbalances, take them to heart.  If there is nothing you might physically be doing on this plane, your intention to send light to every situation you encompass will be enough to start a new process on your planet.

We are supporting this in many ways.  We are attempting to combine our energies at this point in time to alter that which is created on Earth.  You may see the results in ways unexpected ahead.  They will not be shared or spoken of.  We do not intend to give away every plan created.  Know that whatever comes forth, relates to our hearts and what we were assigned eons ago to protect, to be, to serve, to honor All That Is and not a few.

I have spoken my piece.  I would like the others to speak what they would like to share.  I am honored by your presence today.  Ah’o.

(Lois:  Chief Sitting Bull takes the peace pipe and hands it to the next speaker.)

An Arapaho Leader:  Fellow Americans, I have waited so long to be heard.  I have an opportunity at this moment to share a few thoughts.  Life for us was hard.  We did not have many things coming forth that gave us great pleasure and ease of life but we had each other.  We had the sun, the moon, the stars, the rivers and the Spirit always present with us.  Yet we did not matter because we invested in such things.

I want your hearts to hear us.  To understand that those things will matter eternally.  We are here to support what Sitting Bull has just said.  We will pull together ideas of great importance for the times forthcoming.  Our heart aches yet it moves us forward for healing is needed everywhere.  I am an Arapaho Leader.

(Lois:  The Arapaho Leader takes the peace pipe and hands it to the next speaker.)

Peacemaker:  My dear friends, you do not know me.  Few remember my time on Earth.  At least when I spoke to the many tribes in an effort to quell any differences among us.  I am called Peacemaker.  My desire and dream was to unite our differences and ways of life.  I felt it would stem the tides of many things that were occurring.  It has been important for these energies that were implanted on your planet by myself as I walked from Canada through all of New England and to certain states, as you call them, that were in the upper areas such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and other areas as well not so defined at that time.  These energies have been implanted.  They have been implanted by others who have walked these paths and this Earth as well.  It is time for this to be opened once again, almost as if they were secreted in some special box that we put into the Earth.

It is more than that.  It is an energy that belongs here.  It is an energy supplied by our Creator, by Great Spirit, for us to carry throughout the given lifetimes.  To be honored and placed on this Earth.  To be carried and remembered.  If, indeed, there became times that became tumultuous, and too difficult ahead, please open these energies so deeply implanted.  They are around your planet and greatly implanted by our energies whether you were in a Pueblo tribe or you are on the plains of America or perhaps, one who was actually in the Everglades or lived nearby.  Those of us who may have become leaders of one sort were the Walkers of Peace.  We brought it forth to be instilled.

I tell you this now for there are precarious times potentially ahead.  And why we have gathered together.  We do not wish to see destruction to your plains.  We know you are able to embrace such energy and hold it within your Being and present it at any time necessary.  Or simply live it.

It must be carried now.  It must be that you are walking forth with torches of truth.  These are challenges you are facing.  You are not alone for we are a part of this.  May you understand the truth and the nature of your life at this time.  I am Peacemaker.

(Lois:  Peacemaker hands the pipe to Tecumseh.  Tecumseh and I are well connected.  He wishes to speak.)

Tecumseh:  It is with a flaming heart that I stand before you as a member of this great unity of spirits who come together because of impending changes on your planet, dictated by those who have little regard for mankind in general.  I have had great experience as a warrior.  Endless experiences throughout my lifetimes.  In that, I learned that little is accomplished even if certain lessons are dispensed.  Mankind forgets them.  It is only a generation or two in which it has all turned back as a clock would be to another time.

The efforts to move forward are powerful ones.  We must not be delayed or pushed aside ever again.  The unification of spirit is the most important asset to understanding life itself.  The dissolution of this, the separation of this, the angers and arrows that are tossed at one another are destroying the opportunities to live in a higher life and reality.  You understand there are higher dimensions in which this is not something you encounter.  It has long been sought for this planet and our people and the nature of beings to survive.  Not in endless suffering, but to overcome this dis-unity which is so present.

I encourage you to work on your strength and on your abilities to see and understand the bigger picture.  No longer should people on your planet, no matter what country they are from or how they are elevated, ever have an opportunity to create lesser beings by their scorn or their use or slavery of them.  We may have looked different from the white man, but it did not matter in the overall picture, but it certainly did in the way life was lived.  The truth was we were given no opportunity to be who we are.  This will be happening in broad daylight again.  You will understand and come to see the discrepancies differently than you have.  Listen to your hearts and fight for the right to be who you are at all times.

I know these messages are not giving all that you wish to know and see.  You may relate to any one of us individually and silently as to what you need to know.  We embrace the truth in all things.  I am Tecumseh.  I am a warrior.  I fought my entire life for unity among people.