Etheric Pyramids

Etheric Pyramids

Channelled by Lois Hartwick
February 14, 2014

Dear Friends and Members of the Family of Light,

The enormity of change taking place on this earth is of immense proportion. In some cases, you may notice this in terms of your weather or certain shifts in earth changes and the like. In other instances you may see the difference in family and friends or perhaps your own life. What has been happening on earth is also happening to you personally, whether you fully recognize this or not. In some cases this has been over time and in others, it might be a major change which has come about rapidly.

One of the aspects of change is to allow for those ties and tethers which have kept you affixed to the past to be severed. It is important to see that changes such as this can evolve your own personal mastery, although you may feel it is something else which has brought about such a shift. Not all things are easy, but in many cases, necessary for another energy to be brought forth. When you are firmly affixed to this plane and holding, often unknowingly to the past, that which is new does not filter in with ease for most unless some openings are created.

It is not unlike the Earth in her quest to make some movement in greater freedom from much which has been taken over by those using all sorts of resources and following some quest which has not benefited your plane but individual pocketbooks. You see this again and again, but do not always recognize the results. In certain cases, the advantages are covered up with some majestic sounding plan that will benefit everyone and the Earth as well. Rarely is this the case when corporate interests are involved. I do not question all motives, but many have brought your world to the place where it is today, and much of what you are undertaking is to restore and regenerate rather than strive ahead.

And so it is with those of us on the inner planes who seek to work with the light reflections on planet Earth. We are those masters and angelics who have determined long ago that our role would be further enlistment in times such as these, which you have encountered and have encroached upon life on earth. Now is a perfect example of the many of you who are able to hear us, either in your heads or in your hearts as to what can be done and accomplished by your presence here at this time. We seek to reach you through a variety of means, and this message today will be but one.

In the realm of the Pacific Ocean you have witnessed the explosions and releasement of nuclear energy from the Fukushima plant in Japan that was severed from the earthquake happening there. Mankind has not yet learned to work with Gaia and remains in domination feeling far superior with mental capabilities far exceeding Nature. Of course this is foolishness, and once again mankind is faced with utter destruction at the hands of those who had an idea to build such a facility on a fault line. Of course it was known in advance, but little concern in the end was given to all who might be affected. Instead, this was suitable to the pocketbook. That determination alone created a karmic implication, and of which there are many to be considered in light of the country at hand.

When you come to a place where there is a great deal of interest in nuclear energy, it is because it can be easily accessed and utilized without a great deal of long term renovation, for none was ever put in place. When you have a country which seeks to evolve technologically, as many do in this day and age, the aspects of humanity are often in 5th or 6th place regarding the essence of life at stake.

And so it is that all which has occurred in Japan has contaminated many places on the planet at this time and created a problematic aspect for this country herself. For by not fixing the problem nor having a plan in place to do so, a karma has been created that combines with others from the past, making the enlistment of this country difficult. But rather than find an overall demise, at least at this point, there are those who are suffering and feeling the pain of such decisions. Not only does this relate to Japan but the areas of the Pacific Ocean at hand and many places on the West Coast most directly in line with that radiation. At the same time, it is known that no containment of such energy is now possible, so it spreads in increments around the planet, more here than there, but nevertheless affecting many things, including the weather. Yes, even that despite efforts otherwise by those who seek to contain such things.

Now the object of this particular message is not to align with darker aspects which have been engendered here, but to allow those of you with interest, to join our efforts and those of the Anchoring Light group in Western Massachusetts and others who have joined in around the country and beyond, to assist in the preparation of a different energy to transcend that which presently prevails.

In 1999, Lois Hartwick was asked to take her meditation and channeling group to a specific mountaintop location, where a pyramid of light was structured. This pyramid was erected for the singular purpose to ground energies needed in her area, and to ignite, incidentally, many other pyramids to be offered up ahead. Little did she know that, but the group went for many months to this locale to anchor in the light structure and to place within it their breath energy of love and/or gratitude during meditation. They sat for 20 minutes to an hour putting forth energy into this space. After many months this process was completed and classes and meditations resumed in their former locale. Within a short period of time, Lois was again instructed to send energy to a newer pyramid located etherically over a specific locale on the Earth which was created by those of us in higher dimensions. This pyramid was again to be filled with the intention of love/gratitude from the flow of the breath in meditation. And so, a process of new pyramids was erected over time around the planet to be so filled by this group.

Fukushima is the latest effort to be undertaken and this pyramid is larger in scope and will take the group a much longer time to fill with the harmonics of these frequencies. In fact, it may take up to a year because of the size. Along both sides of the pyramid, the Masters of Light will once again erect two smaller pyramids with lines/structure of light, but to be filled after the larger one has been completed. Such action is a co-creative effort with those of you on earth fulfilling some of the promises earlier made to assist earth in restoring her light once more.

Now in some cases, the karma of Japan can be mitigated by the love extended to her through these pyramids, for at the time they are being filled, there is also a large thoughtform of a much higher nature being created. Each of you who so chooses can participate in this. Not only will it help the country and those people, but it will help the Earth and Nature and those beings – often unseen – seeking to assist earth at this time as well.

This message is essentially, to ask whether you will join in with connecting your meditations to sending love and gratitude to the etheric pyramid when you have time to do so. It will speed enormously the progress of filling this pyramid and allow for the next two to be created and support the main one as well. Understand that these energies are transformative and create the expression that mankind wishes to promote the well-being of all concerned, countering the actions of those more self-serving. If you will join in, the greater the changes which can occur, and perhaps some new solutions as yet unseen come forth. We are understanding that there are many principles at stake, and also repetition of times past have come to the foreground once again to be re-learned and re-examined and healed. Those who join this placement of values from the higher planes will receive in time, much greater benefit for your plane.

Allow me to explain the process a bit more clearly. When you meditate, take your attention to the capstone of the pyramid which sits directly over Fukushima. With your breath make this attachment from your heart and choose to send energy in a straight line from your being to the peak of this pyramid and then into it to join that energy presently there. Should you be in a mode that is not of light that day, such energy will not enter it. This is so geared that the pyramid is coded to accept only love and/or gratitude. Do not worry should you be in a different framework that day. You will harm nothing. Your meditations can be as long or short as you wish, and the time frame to fill it depends on those who seek to participate.

Lois at PyramidKnow that you can help your planet and new ways and means will come forth over time using the higher energies of the 5th Dimension and beyond to do so. This is a gift in which we welcome you and seek to shift that which seems unsuitable at the moment. Many, many will be assisted by an alteration to what has happened. Without care, the effects remain imprinted upon earth and create a much harder existence on your plane for all.

It is toward this end of love and care that I speak to each of you and express gratitude for the beauty of earth that remains in the hearts of you all.

This is Hilarion, embracing your hearts at all times.

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