The Children Will Help

The Children will Help Change the World

Channelled by Lois Hartwick
July 6, 2018

Paying attention to how people are treating each other will become more and more important in the days ahead. There are times kindness will be eluding you, especially with some people you’ve known for a long time. This is not for you to pay back or to return the favor, but perhaps a teaching moment is possible where people can take a better look at what they are reflecting. And you, as individuals take a look at what you’re picking up, somewhat or entirely unconsciously and carrying forth into your day or evening. What is required in these times is to simply remember what you have been given as tools, and remember the heart-centered way of being. Too many are getting embroiled in the stories of some, while missing the whole point of another.

I mention this because the children have brought many things to the surface which were not seen nor understood before. Blaming what has been in effect from before serves no purpose beside a subterfuge of defense that makes little or no sense. What does matter is the level of humanity expressed, and this will vary in degrees from those you are knowing. This will matter in what you are sending or adding into the collective. And this will take time, but adds powerful measures to resolving many things these children are feeling and experiencing now. Many have come in or have even been brought in at a later time, to counter and share enough light that more becomes seen. What do you intend to do with the love of children who are lost and now unable to shine their own lights?

The work on your planet is enormous. And because those of you, filled with light, have gone forth, much more is being seen than was realized. To this effect, you will notice that there are children, in many corners of the Earth, who will be bringing attention to changes required. If ignored, those connected to the energy of children here, will have their voices heard louder and louder. Many will come forth to create a newer reality because of them. You have entered a time when their silent cries become the voices of the future, for they will be helping to change your world.

Praise them, love them, be with them.


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