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Lois HartwickI am a channel and a metaphysical teacher. This has been my path for the past 30 years or more, and as a result, I have given workshops, done private sessions with clients from all walks of life in locales around the world, had articles in Sedona Journal, and The Book of Prophecy, online newsletters and magazines, was invited speaker before the worldwide Mevlana Foundation in Istanbul, Turkey, written and writing several books, and have lead a meditation and channeling class for the past 24 years. Our ongoing group has expanded to people in other U.S. states, Canada, Scotland, and Puerto Rico via conference call-ins. At present our work together consists of specific meditations and practices on new DNA blueprints. offered by Thoth and AA Metatron. The series prior was entitled, “Template for Balance”. All are available in MP3 formats through the online metaphysical school, Returning to the Oneness.

Classes will be ongoing throughout the year. I have been on 3 spiritual journeys to date and priviledged to channel at various power spots, temples, and areas of significance. Two of them were to Egypt and one to Israel.

My spiritual journey started while on location in California on a feature movie. Film production was my background and career, but something happened to me physically while there, and I became ill. No doctors could find anything wrong with me. I had excellent physicians in both L.A. and NYC, but to no avail. Finally, unable to function, I left NYC and returned to my home in the Berkshires to began a very long process learning to go within and listen for answers to heal my body and life. Many years were involved in this inner work of self transformation, realignment and wellness. I went from being unable to walk to doing several films years later. By then, I had become a member of the Directors Guild of America; however, my life had become about Spirit and what I was here to do. It was no longer about film.

My education has been extensive throughout the years and my work is with Spirit and Light daily. People come to me to receive greater clarity about their life. It can be something simple or with difficult issues on any level of being, from spiritual to mental to emotional or physical, all of which can affect health, manifestation. living one’s purpose, joy, unresolved issues, past life situations and so forth. Everything brought through is always geared toward the individual’s higher good. Whatever the situation, I work with Spirit to read energetically what is most significant for them to work on and understand. At times this will become ongoing counseling depending on what a client is seeking. Occasionally I function as a medium, but I do not focus on this aspect overall.

Master Hilarion, for whom I have the highest regard, was my mentor and guide through illness. Without him my entire journey would not have been accomplished. He has helped countless others since guiding healing for my life. He has brought forth great love and caring, not only for me but all who have encountered him, along with information on healing beloved earth. Our group practice of Anchoring Light Meditation was brought in by him and A. Gabriel, to provide greater Light in a sacred geometric format to enhance our awakening and awareness, expand our light and assist the Earth. We have practiced this for 24 years each week. His gifts to myself and so many others are beyond measure and the early years of classes remain sealed in our hearts. Yet each of the Masters have offered their time, love, expertise and wisdom on sacred and esoteric teachings, from St. Germain to Master D.K., Lord Maitreya, the Lords of Light and Numbers and Gemstones, Archturians, Jeshua/Jesus/Sananda, Mother Mary, Anna, Adama, Kuan Yin, Thoth and so many more. Each has provided invaluable assistance at every turn, changed our frequency and Light quotients while uplifted and expanded our hearts. The Archangels share their Light and love and purity of intention for us as well. We’ve been provided an extensive, superior mystery school for this age and time to remember who we are and why we are here and ascension practices. Ultimately, my work in Light seeks to unite all gifts of Spirit in Oneness. I am priviledged to serve toward this end.

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