Opening the Doorway to What’s Ahead: A Balancing Act

Opening the Doorway to What’s Ahead: A Balancing Act

Your world is undergoing a transformation and many are not ready to embrace such a transition.  You are seeing this in the newscasts, despite those which are inaccurate in numbers regarding this virus or election results or job growth or stock market figures.  It is impossible not to notice that change is forthcoming.

Despite those who are rejecting information from us who have long brought forth higher practices and information to the Earth, it is now important once again, for those willing and able to hear our words and know the presence of beings of Light here to support you in times lacking clarity.

This Sunday I wish to present some thoughts and ideas of a uniting force to allow for a greater penetration into the mysteries of life and the understanding of what is upon you now.  Much Light will be transmitted to the Earth.  Those who are able to receive it will benefit during this time with greater balance and comfort.  Those who do not,  will experience whatever fear is present within their thoughts.  We, myself included, are a part of a much larger contingent of Light, with the intention to increase this 10-fold from what many of you have been receiving.  Blocked by fear, you have little chance of receiving what is offered.  My intention this Sunday, and perhaps the first of many Sundays, is to allay these fears until Lightworkers everywhere are able to hear these words.  You will all be able to and listen in this Sunday for free.

Thoth and the Masters of Light
A Brotherhood prepared for Dissemination of Energies Forthcoming

The Weather Report

Beloved Friends of Light~

You have encountered many changes on earth where you live or on TV and in media reports in the past several years. This has been an anomaly which many have presumed related to a particular year or disruption in your area. The changes have come in rather quickly, and will not be moving out of the news any time soon. You have all had some understanding by now that this is a serious threat to survival in some places, not necessarily revealed beforehand. So it is time for you to take into consideration where you live and how to effect changes in the town, state or area where you reside. This has not necessarily been considered by most of you, but there are changes you can do to help with this given problem today.

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Release What You Unknowingly Have Taken On

Channelled by Lois Hartwick
April 6, 2018

This is Thoth. I greet you all in the expansion of Oneness.

Throughout time, there have been endless altercations between peoples of different countries, different religions, cultures, understandings, ownerships misplaced and a host of other intangibles to satisfy man’s drive for winning, ownership, ego and power. Money, too, has played a part. In many of these older times, little was offered in an expanded way for communication was slow and often did not reach other parts of your world at all. In these times, levels of consciousness has arisen, especially because of photos and film, television, radio, newspapers and certainly the internet.

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New Earth

Channelled by Lois Hartwick
September 29, 2017

Blessings to the Earth,

It is important now for people to begin learning to work inwardly for many of the answers to situations which will or can be occurring ahead. The time of depending on government or certain persons in roles of responsibility may be unable to fulfil tasks normally embraced or expected. We are entering a time, which you are able to see in Puerto Rico, in which mankind is going to start serving and supporting each other, rather than look to this one or that to fix or repair or finalize something needing to be done. A whole new system will need to come into being.

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