May 17, 2014

Channelled By Lois Hartwick

Dear Beloveds,

Despite the many disruptions happening on your plane at this time from weather anomolies, droughts, fires and winds in part of the Americas, there are blessings also. Have you noticed them? Have you seen or paid attention to the blessings each day which are before you? Perhaps you have consumed your day with worry or some fast-paced concentration which has devoured any blessings which might quietly enter in.

The size of the blessings will be increasing for they will have greater and greater energy behind them. Significant enough to remember or get through to you while in the midst of a busy day. Why so? Each time period on your earth is countered with disruption of one sort or another so efforts are needed for focus and continued belief in those small acts of kindness which engender more faith and hope. Now this time period has heightened activity in upheavals and disturbances to many lives, but the countering affects of light are potentially stronger when one stops to notice. The more this is the focus, the stronger the blessings. Oh, not only for one of you but for many around who will begin to feel somewhat better, perhaps knowing no reason why, yet the connection to each other remains, sharing blessings.

Blessings come from the Angelic realm and the Creator primarily, but all sorts of experiences and levels of support are available within the higher realms. Your specific guides, guardians, family members crossed over, Masters and members of hierarchy, Brotherhood of Light and a long list of ‘organizations and streams of consciousness directed to earth, all produce blessings and in some cases, miracles as well. Nature, too, has measures and ways of service in this regard, although there has been much greater interruption in these latter years by mankind using Nature as some inert presence suitable for the taking. The Nature Spirits also provide blessings in innumerable ways. Now that it is springtime in your part of the earth, the suggestion is to awaken to the blessings abounding, whether in some tiny measure or something enormous before you. The greater the focus in this direction, the smaller the disturbances become, and at some point, they disappear. Use the gifts of the mind in such positive ways as times are gearing up toward more confusion and unclear thinking. It will be an important practice and lesson for many to understand that focus on blessings simply creates more!

A. Gabriel