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Summer 2016 Schedule

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A Spiritual Perspective

Freddy Mercury

May 30, 2016, Memorial Day, 7:00 PM EDT

with Freddie Mercury, Masters Thoth and Hilarion
channeled by Lois Hartwick

Cost: $22

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Loss and Compassion

June 5, 2016, 7:00 PM EDT

with Mother Mary and Freddie Mercury
channeled by Lois Hartwick

Cost: $22

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DIVINE HELP ~ Exploring the Higher Realms and Those in Specific Service

Divine Help

June 12 ~ August 21, 2019 (inclusive)
Every Sunday minus one, 7:00 PM EDT

Lead by Master Thoth & Archangel Gabriel
channeled by Lois Hartwick

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The importance and the depth of these classes in regards to the expansion of consciousness and of light on a personal level and a planetary level are immeasurable ... profound! ... for those with eyes to see and ears to hear! ... --D.H.C., Santa Fe, NM
Lois provides a beautiful haven of opportunity to meld and flow with the immense love, wisdom, and truth brought through her wonderful channel from the many Ascended Masters, Angels and enlightened beings guiding our remembrance and embrace of who and what we truly are. In love and gratitude, it is so exciting to me! --Ellen in Scotland
These classes have been instrumental in expanding every part of my life and the way I perceive reality. The lessons have been powerful on so many levels and have changed me in ways I couldn't have imagined a year ago. The wisdom of the Masters is profound, as is their vision of all of us taking these courses, and the world we are creating together. With gratitude and appreciation I thank the Masters and Lois for this opportunity. --J.P., Canton, CT
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Angel Orb

This photograph was taken by Irene Raine, a member of our group for many years. She had many orbs on her property as her photographs frequently displayed. This picture, however, was most unique and exceptional. Toward the bottom left corner you will see not only an orb, but a figure within it. Altough we are seeing more and more orbs both photographically and visually today, none show a being within. Previously in asking about the orbs, I was told they are Libraries of Light. In this case, however, when I asked who this was or what it meant, I was simply told, "This is an Archangel. " And so the entire site is designed with this figure and energy in mind, as well as the remembrance, love and gratitude we hold for Irene.

This site was originally initiated at Sananda's request to connect with a world community of readers for his Messages. For more than twenty years material has been presented publically through Lois Hartwick from Hilarion, St. Germain, Thoth, Lord Maitreya, Sananda, and recently, Mother Mary, as well as others, to a small dedicated group of people meeting weekly in western Massachusetts. In the early years, Hilarion and A. Gabriel offered an unusual geometric group meditative practice called "Anchoring Light: Acupuncture for the Earth". We practice it each week, anchoring light to our plane, as well as supporting the healing of our planet, people, animal friends, and plants.

Please see below for recent channelings by Lois. Check back often for more soon-to-come updates.

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