Rainbow Sky

Release What You Unknowingly Have Taken On

Channelled by Lois Hartwick
April 6, 2018

This is Thoth. I greet you all in the expansion of Oneness.

Throughout time, there have been endless altercations between peoples of different countries, different religions, cultures, understandings, ownerships misplaced and a host of other intangibles to satisfy man’s drive for winning, ownership, ego and power. Money, too, has played a part. In many of these older times, little was offered in an expanded way for communication was slow and often did not reach other parts of your world at all. In these times, levels of consciousness has arisen, especially because of photos and film, television, radio, newspapers and certainly the internet.

So what I would like to address at this moment is that many of you are making efforts to alter, change, or intensify higher frequencies to various areas, old and new agendas, ideas, concepts, beliefs, intentions and so forth. All is positive toward reducing the levels of stress which are surfacing in your world today.

What I am seeing also, however, is that many of you are taking on some of these energies which do not support your being, and in some cases, none of this has been recognized. So this can be true for those consciously elevating some aspect of the planet in your intentions, or merely because certain things have levels of intensity which break through your normal living environment. Not enough of you are paying attention to what is coming forth, and this can be altered and changed as well by each of you. Many of the teachers here bring through information to shift and change the reality of being you inhabit, allowing for work to be done without affecting self.

As we are coming into the summer months, it will be time for some of you to start considering means and methods for further clearing or transforming certain energies, paying attention to that which fills your life’s journey. This can range from your own mental thoughts to sitting on an old battleground area with the intention to bring forth further light.

Clearing yourself and putting a level of light around you prior to any such action is required for a safer journey in this regard. Far too many are taking on situations or aches and pains, illnesses–often considered as ascension symptoms–but may, instead, be in the next level of waking up to the energies around you which are being triggered by the intensified energy of light coming to Earth. When you are doing your meditations, place within the questions of “What have I taken on?” and “What do I need to transmute?” You may also work with myself or any of your personal guides and Higher Self to understand what is needed for you to know and to change.

I feel that much of this has been considered too lightly in the past, and now is a time for you to make some adjustments if you have not done so already. All of you are aware that much has intensified, and that will not be minimizing any time soon, if at all. So best to find new ways within yourself to release what you have unknowingly taken on.

We are here to help.

Blessings be given to All


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