Current Schedule

Fall 2021 Schedule

fall reflections

with Lois Hartwick

Sep 12 – Relative Thought:  What’s Ahead with St. Germain
Sep 19 – Blazing Light:  New Expressions with St. Germain
Sep 26 – Redefining Self – New Quadrants to Observe with Serapis
Oct 3 – Acquiring Skills for the Ascension Temple with Serapis Bey
Oct 10 – New Gridwork Among You with Adama, High Priest of Telos
Oct 17 – Earth Cleanses Reinforced/Schisms with Thoth and/or Master R
Oct 24 – Top of the Mountain – Energy Flows with Master R
Oct 31 – Magdalene Energy with Mary Magdalene
Nov 7 – Magdelene Practices with Mary Magdalene

Classes continue at 7P on Sunday nights after Anchoring Light Meditation @ 6P.

Payment by Paypal or Check

Payments can be made to PayPal below or by mailing a check to Lois Hartwick. Total for series $225 or $270 with transcriptions. Email for address if you need it.


You may remember we were told that some of the titles may not fully describe what is planned for each class for several reasons. Classes will unfold with additional information and further use of the Rays included.

Payment may be for half the classes or full amount. If another arrangement is preferred, please speak to Lois. Transcriptions have been slow in coming this summer due to me, and I will make greater efforts to get them to you in a timely manner. I do apologize for the delays. Email if you have any questions.

Thank you and love to every one!


Past Schedules

opening the doorway to whats ahead

The Transition Stage

A Continuing Series of Channeled Discourses toward Healing
via Teleconference
with Lois Hartwick

Sun, Jun 27 – A New Beginning – What’s Ahead – Hilarion
Sun, Jul 4 – Setting Up Our Teams from the Higher Worlds – AA Azrael
Tue, Jul 13 – A Joyful Reunion with Martha and Observations from the 5th Dimension
Tue, Jul 20 – The Lineage – The work – Melchizedek
Sun, Jul 25 – Ray Alignments Assigned – Prep for Our Work – Hilarion
Sun, Aug 1 – Ambassadors of Light – Confluence of Energies Supporting Us
Sun, Aug 8 – Earth Disruptions / Our Focus – Hilarion
Sun, Aug 15 – Center Earth – with Thoth and Alcazar
Sun, Aug 22 – Mini-Short, Individual Sessions for Each of You – Lord Maitreya
Sun, Aug 29 – No Class – Labor Day Weekend – New Classes start the following week

Sun, Sep 5 – Freddie Mercury’s Birthday. TBA. Possible Channeling from him
Sun, Sep 12 – Beginning Series from Various Masters Starting with St. Germain (2 weeks each) and Includes Messages of Inspiration

Summer Schedule 2020

Planting New Seeds for Stages of Summer

Transcripts are a $5 per class.

June 21 – Solstice Significance – A Portal & A Doorway with Metatron
June 28 – Pandemic, Temperatures, Behaviors and Protection with Hilarion
July 5 – Take the Glasses Off & Begin to See with Your Heart with Metatron
July 12 – Celebration of Martha’s Life: Her Work on the Other Side & A Message
She Wishes to Share with Thoth and Martha Lopez Durkin
July 19 – Connecting with Our Twin Flames in the Etheric Pyramids and Why It’s Helpful To Do So Now with Lady Athena
July 26 – Embracing Two Channels of Light Coming In with Metatron
Aug 2 – No Class
Aug 9 –  No Class
Aug 16 – Dancing with Thoth and the Moon

Messages for Humanity

Aug. 23 – AA Uriel
Aug. 30 – AA Raphael
Sept. 6 – AA Michael
Sept. 13 – AA Haniel
Sept. 20 – AA Gabriel

The Master Series – 6 Parts
Sept. 27 – Oct. 4

Transcripts are $5 per class. Questions or to sign up contact Lois.

Free Meditations

Sunday meditations will now include those signed up in triangles with 2 other partners to meditate with other triangular combinations to anchor light for clearing earth & coronavirus at 6PM EDT. Additional meditation dates have been added every Tues. and Thurs. at 7PM EDT. You are welcome to join in, but know this is a commitment for time selected each week and not a show up once in awhile. No charges for this earth service.

Contact Lois for additional information. Look forward to our new schedule in this ‘new’ time!