Fall - Winters Channeling Schedule with Lois

All Classes begin at 7pm EST
(clocks get set back 1 hour on November 3rd)

Timelines Series

Nov. 3 “Timelines” – What Are We Creating and How? Pt. 1 with Thoth
Nov. 10 “Timelines” Pt. 2 with Thoth

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Pay for Timelines Series + Transcripts

Series 2

Nov. 17 “Searching for Truth In These Times of Deception”
Nov. 24 “Worry Not. There Is Help Abounding”
Dec. 1 “The Ancient Ones” – The Ancient of Days Speak To Us
Dec. 8 “Your World Ahead” with AA Uriel
Dec. 15 “Receiving Blessings” – Mother Mary
Dec. 22 “Christ Light” – Metatron
Dec. 29 Yearly Forecast with Lord Maitreya for 2020

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2020 Sacred Steps Series

Jan. 5 -26 Sacred Steps Matched by Sacred Flames Coming Forth for this New Time

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Pay for Sacred Steps Series + Transcripts

Look forward to having you join us. The first two sessions can be paid as two or $50 on PayPal. The next series consists of 7 sessions for $175. Transcripts are an additional $5 per session. The 2020 new series consists of 4 sessions @ $100.

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Thank you. Many blessings.

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The RTTO site, which many of you have used previously, although still existing, is not monitored and will not pass along payments for this series. New conference call numbers will be sent prior to classes for those who have signed up. Meditations will resume again at 6 p.m. as before with the same number we have used all year. All are welcomed who would like to join in.  The conference number is:  712 770-4160, code 189857#. There will be no further newsletter published unless someone would like to take over such a project. If so, be in touch.

This series will be dedicated to Martha Lopez Durkin, who spent much time making it possible for the School of Returning To The Oneness to bring forth metaphysical information to so many over the years. Her love and dedication to us all is appreciated, and our love for her, ongoing.

The teleconferences are scheduled to begin at 4:00 PM Pacific Time / 5:00 PM Mountain time / 6:00 PM Central time / 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Our World Service meditation, Anchoring Light, begins one hour prior to the channeling. If you’re interested, click here to learn more about it and get the teleconference number.