Past Schedules
opening the doorway to whats ahead

Summer Schedule 2020

Planting New Seeds for Stages of Summer

Transcripts are a $5 per class.

June 21 – Solstice Significance – A Portal & A Doorway with Metatron
June 28 – Pandemic, Temperatures, Behaviors and Protection with Hilarion
July 5 – Take the Glasses Off & Begin to See with Your Heart with Metatron
July 12 – Celebration of Martha’s Life: Her Work on the Other Side & A Message
She Wishes to Share with Thoth and Martha Lopez Durkin
July 19 – Connecting with Our Twin Flames in the Etheric Pyramids and Why It’s Helpful To Do So Now with Lady Athena
July 26 – Embracing Two Channels of Light Coming In with Metatron
Aug 2 – No Class
Aug 9 –  No Class
Aug 16 – Dancing with Thoth and the Moon

Messages for Humanity

Aug. 23 – AA Uriel
Aug. 30 – AA Raphael
Sept. 6 – AA Michael
Sept. 13 – AA Haniel
Sept. 20 – AA Gabriel

The Master Series – 6 Parts
Sept. 27 – Oct. 4

Transcripts are $5 per class. Questions or to sign up contact Lois.

Free Meditations

Sunday meditations will now include those signed up in triangles with 2 other partners to meditate with other triangular combinations to anchor light for clearing earth & coronavirus at 6PM EDT. Additional meditation dates have been added every Tues. and Thurs. at 7PM EDT. You are welcome to join in, but know this is a commitment for time selected each week and not a show up once in awhile. No charges for this earth service.

Contact Lois for additional information. Look forward to our new schedule in this ‘new’ time!