The Violet Flame Can Be Used Again and Again


Sending you good wishes for this new year you are entering. Partisanship is a thing of the past in so many areas and you have found yourselves looking at divisions you might never have suspected. They come in the form of families and friends, job careers and co-workers, belief systems and creative plans one might not have suspected with accompanying agendas. These exist everywhere in your world right now, although far greater in some areas than others. We have seen this buildup and know many of you are working toward maintaining a balance and your equilibrium embracing Truth. It will also have at its center a heart of many colors, yet within it the flame stands steady. A time of new beginnings is at hand. They will take some work, consistency and true focus toward outcomes. Nevertheless, there have been enough people calling for a shifting agenda in the world where you are and now is a time for much to be lifting.


I will help you. Please remember that the Violet Flame can be used again and again, with my direction or without, to begin clearing the enormous debris left by those not standing so closely in the light. The changes on earth have not fully occurred, but when any portion presents itself, you can utilize the Violet Flame to be directed to what has happened or is misshapen or not cleared. There is a time in which you can walk away from the past and simply burn the Flame between you two, i.e., the past debris and yourself with the Flame in the middle of both. This way you start to separate yourself from some old patterns or things which have attached over time. A clearing in this regard each morning, should experience a new beginning each day with less and less of things dragging you down, but rather, opening you up to a newer and higher light. Seeking to understand the higher realms is natural for all of you, and yet, much cannot easily come through while dross of one sort or another prevails. Let us use this time on your plane to benefit from the newer oncoming energies, plus the Flame, to clear away what is no longer needed.

In the same token, it would be well for you to find a new way to be in your homes and lifestyles. Start looking for new things. Take a different route, wear new colors, move to another locale, change your sheets, and perhaps find a new course or two you’d like to take. Any of these things are not only beneficial in terms of learning something new, but shift the energies around you and your thinking. In this way, you do not fall back into the old ways if they tend to befuddle you once again.

The Violet Flame can be used almost as a discus thrower would send out a discus. It can be that another needs some help in this regard and you can easily send along such a powerful tool. This applies to many situations in life where you are noticing agendas which do not serve the common good, but rather, some specific interest squeezing away those who might benefit. Squabbles over insignificant things which blow up into very large tents can also benefit from the coursing through of the Violet Flame.

Despite the work which has been done to this point, it will be helpful to see what more each of you can do and undertake every day, not only for self, but for many entanglements serving no one. Each can have a role here in creating a collective of aligned thinking and Truth. It will serve you well and I will seek to serve in all manner of request. Welcome to 2019.

I Am that I Am
St. Germain
Channeled by Lois Hartwick 1/4/2019