Lord Maitreya’s Annual Forecast for 2018



I greet you with blessings to each and all who are listening to this particular channeling,  through Lois at this point in time, and for those who will receive it up ahead.  We are in a significant time.  All of you have noticed by now this is not a time in which it is given with great frivolity but rather, one in which you are paying attention to the very lives you embrace, the directions you are taking, the understanding you are ingesting, and choices that are before you.

It is not an easy time.  However, some of these difficulties relate very strongly to choices you are needing to make or have confronted and in some cases, they are very strongly attached to past energies you have experienced on this plane.  Some of these are going to be transmuted this year.  For many of you there will be a transformative action that takes place in so accomplishing this.

There are very given energies coming forth to your planet.  They are often quite convoluted or mixed together in the way you would be mixing a cake or some other concoction that has a number of different elements which sometimes gets blended into one.  This is what will be most important to be remembered up ahead.  Within all of these swirling energies there is an opportunity as one moves through their own individual situations or experiences, to start blending in all of the differences into the Oneness of Yourself.

No one has come to this plane without an agenda.  Always there is some purpose, reason, or meaning behind the incarnation.  In this particular time period, the year of 2018, new openings will be occurring and greater support given for those who are seeking an ascended state.   It does not necessarily mean people are transformed from one level to another instantly, but that there is movement and progress in this direction.  You will find many of the Masters who are present and have been present here with you tonight, are going to be assisting you in seeking out these inner areas where any hold-backs may presently exist.

On one hand that sounds like an easy thing to say, which it is for me.  But for you it may require releasing or letting go of certain things which actually have defeated the purpose of moving ahead or lightening your Spirit, as I would like to call it.

The reason is there are situations which all have encountered over time of a nature somewhat traumatic or difficult from other lifetimes that are areas of density within your being.  This presents a problem in terms of moving ahead.

The same can be reflected in terms of your planet.  Many of you are working in ways to clear given areas and to open levels of freeways, both seen and not seen, for energy flows easily, as the meridians would replicate within your body.

This is a time for new work to begin in this regard.  Several proposals will come forth this year to start harmonizing differently those energies which have been held intact within the land, the seas, or even the skies.  Openings begin to occur in very unusual ways.  You might see an unusual object in the sky and be very focused on what it is and how it is moving.  But I might suggest something is being created energetically that is going to allow for a new influx of higher light — an energy planned and proposed for your planet this year.

You recognize there are times when such energy comes forth or can come forth, which to some it seems disruptive for the status quo of the way one’s life has been moving along, now may suddenly take a turn to the left or right. This is not necessarily expected because it is coming in a much higher way and most often people do not see these changes and portals so revealed in the clouds and sky.

There are many Masters who will be coming forth this year to work with individual people needing assistance and seeking higher levels of transformation.  In most cases, this will be because people are asking for some measure of help.  But in some cases help will be given, and perhaps unknowingly, by the person receiving this energy.

There is a time ahead in which there is a great deal of tumultuousness which comes forth from your government center.  I speak of America at this point.  You will need to work more highly to receive a greater measure of light balancing yourselves and others.  It is important to not let fear overtake your very being.  That is an agenda which has been put forth on this planet by those seeking another agenda than yours.

Missions have been very important on your plane and have come from a number of different realities.  Some of these realities are very ancient civilizations, star systems, and cosmic clusters which emit specific light proportions circulating throughout the entire Cosmos yet have a distinct and clear meaning not yet deciphered on the Earth plane.

Because these energies will be increasing in this given year ahead, you are going to find choices often come forth where you are determined you are on one side or the other of a given issue or situation because a specific energy is aligning very clearly with yourself.  I could say that in reverse, you are aligning with it.

On the Earth plane you are aware there are negative and positive emanations and poles.  These are going to become more pronounced.  Clearly, you will have a great many choices to make up ahead.  Normally one would think certain things in life are steady and in place, but this year will bring that to question for many of you at one point or another.

It is specifically advised and important you remain connected with your Higher Selves, with those who work with you on other planes, and with each other, so the balancing of any shifts and changes you encounter are easily fended off.

There has been a great deal of concern by many people about the potential of a nuclear war.  It comes up in conversation, in a news reports, in someone’s consciousness at an idle moment, in children who have heard these discussions, and has become a pervasive fear in your world.  Obviously, there are some further away from where this might be emanating who have not been as overcome by these thoughts as those closer to the potential sources.

We have spoken in the past to many.  You have received varying messages overtime as to whether or not there would be such a scenario that opened in your world.  The answers most have gotten have been that this would not be allowed to happen.  I would say this is not the potential that is seeding the timeline at this moment.  In other words, I do not see that as likely; however, there is the potential at one point or another of a test missile going awry or creating somewhat of a situation that would have many up in arms.

This does not necessarily mean something escalating into a war as a result.  There will be great effort made to prevent such an occurrence.  Nevertheless, mankind has certain levels of freedom in the same way mankind often makes mistakes.  So we are not counting anything as 100% black or white, particularly during these times of change.

I wish to discuss something a little different than what I might ordinarily, but what is important and significant to you to be aware of.  As you may know, when one leaves this plane there are many levels to enter into.

These levels, and these entrances, relate to vibrations.  What that particular vibration is, calls the individual to it.  There are also other situations and reasons as to what happens when one leaves planet Earth.  But for the moment, let us just mention that it is primarily a vibratory relocation.

In the Astral Plane there are great many levels, various thinking, and certain levels of control existing very strongly within it.  There is an enormous level of confrontation occurring on certain areas of the Astral Plane.  This has created pockets of disruption which filter down to your Third Dimension.

Very often when you look at the concept of different vibrations or dimensions, you would see this almost as a series of rings going around:   first, second, third, fourth and fifth.  In truth they can all be inter- connected, but vibrationally so different one is not interacting within them clearly, unless the vibration is close enough one’s own.  In the lower Astral Plane those vibrations seep through to where you exist.

This means, when your work is being done on your planet, include peace as a reality.  It must be expanded, in terms of the thought and the inclusion, to the Fourth Dimension as well — or most of it.  Oftentimes you will direct your thoughts to a given area of the world where  something is occurring not recognizing that on the next level there also may be a great level of disruption occurring bleeding through to your plane.

I am not suggesting mankind does not create many given situations here.  But often in crossing over, those concepts and ideas are carried through.  Any behavior here of a lesser state, is not automatically changed the minute one resides on the other side.  It depends on the individual, and it depends on what has been and wants to be created by them up ahead.

So when you are thinking about this world and putting thoughts out there, understanding you have new levels of responsibility in terms of creating this world, expand your thought into knowing sometimes more and greater help is needed in a particular area on the other side than necessarily here.

Now I mention all of this because there are some of you who will seek to engage in a new way to begin resolving inter-dimensional problems, that prior to this or ten years ago, were not part of man’s consciousness.  But as you see, consciousness exists everywhere.

This does not mean there are not great advantages stepping up a bit in number with other dimensions.  Those energies as well can be sent to your plane to support it.  Greater amounts will be happening in this given year.  There will need to be those of you who are able to serve in levels of receptivity of this energy.  This has been spoken of before.  But you may find, even if simply in your meditations, certain energies will be downloaded in your being.  In some cases there will be new ideas coming forth to not only resolve given situations or at least begin a process to, but at the same time, you may be instrumental in receiving something entirely new on this planet.

Innovations will start to come forth moreso this year than before.  These will be advancements and necessary items that will be needed up ahead.  The Earth will be going through a transformative stage.  This is reflected upon you.

Depending on how long the present Administration’s policies are tolerated, will depend on the difficulties being perceived in this country with respect to the environment.  There have been a great many lessening agendas put in place, or perhaps, laws, as you would call them.

These will need concerted effort to be restored, if possible, in any given area.  There will be a time in which many of the policies put forth at this point will begin to reverse.  A newer opportunity will come forth.  At this moment, however, you will become more cognizant of situations on the Earth level that do not hold greater protection for your planet.

Some of you may gather and work in higher ways to affirm this plane of her value and worth.  In other instances, there will be greater weather disruptions,  or perhaps I should say, inner earth rumblings to some degree which are transformative and shaking off some of what has been imposed on a land here to supply you with an opportunity to regain your freedom, your inner worth, and your higher spiritual connection.

For those of you who are so engaged, it will be a very important time because these transitions can go in more positive or less positive directions.  Yet your input, your care, your love and support, is always needed at this time.

Toward the end of this summer there will be several disruptions of a larger magnitude than you often see in your given country.  Sometimes this will be peripheral, but I am suggesting it is an indicator that care must be provided to this planet and choices which are being made.

The level of consciousness is beginning to spread vastly around the Earth.  Efforts to sustain your planet are taking advanced levels in certain parts of the world.  Be reminded this is reversing in America.  Seek to accomplish the higher choice.  Allow your energies to put forth in ways you are guided to support what is being done here.

I am seeing there is a great contrast overall in terms of your planet.  Those that are supporting one position and those supporting another.  They have different frequencies.  Know where you fit and what the frequency is so the decisions you are making are aligned with your being and hopefully, with higher light.

A new man will walk the Earth shortly who brings forth higher ideas.  He becomes known in a much larger way than would have seemed possible.  Many will hold him in their hearts.  Words of wisdom will come forth from a human in the way that you might listen to me — through a human.

This will be supporting the planet.  He is appointed and anointed by God.  There is an opportunity to awaken many people with his passages walking this planet.  Many of you are seeking to do this in your own ways and your own world.  This man will expand that.

Those you have connected to, have been a part of, have brought light and connection to, can gravitate far more easily to these words of love that will be shared ahead.

You are entering a year of extraordinary opportunity.  Moving into the higher frequencies, you will learn new ways to manifest and create what you are seeking to accomplish.  This opportunity is not always availed of by everyone, not knowing in this regard much is possible.

Because of that, there will be these Earthly tussles.  Ways in which some are struggling back and forth to see who is going to acquire the most out of some given deal or perhaps, to contain others from their choices.

It is very important to understand when I spoke about the Astral Plane and what I am talking about you are seeing on your Earth plane, there is one main topic or issue at hand.

It is control versus freedom.

It is time to start seeing what has happened and to allow for the expression of your light to prevail here.

It will be an on-going topic, but also, a battle in your world for some time to come, until there is an agreement which comes forth in a much higher way as to the actual outcome of this planet.

Many of you have felt the tightening of laws or restrictions, the to do’s or not to do’s, fighting from one side to another over the potential of something being introduced to your country that others find undesirable.

When you are looking at questions as to what is a better approach or a more important approach or attitude, go back to the question, “Is this a control? Or is this an opening to a freedom?”.

If we step back a little further, one can say, “What is the fear that is creating this reality?”.

These are questions that will be part of your year, but also, part of the future.  Yet when you resolve them within yourselves, when you find the ways to walk through, walk toward, or understand the challenge before you, and undertake it, you start changing the world.

What happens is you come to a place of inner knowing from your experience.  This inner knowing is what you will provide every choice hereafter.  These choices may reflect much larger decisions affecting your world.  Surely they will affect your conversations, thoughts and ideas you put out.

So you become, those who are responsible ultimately,  the change within your world many of you are seeking to attain.  You become the change because you walk through and have experienced and been bravely undertaking the many challenges of this time.

That is why this year will hold for you enormous opportunities.  It can also go in another direction for some people not understanding about their choices.  This is a beautiful creation that you live upon.  There is no need to destroy it.  To minimize it.  To completely take from it what is solely for one’s benefit.

It does not mean that it is not a sustaining place.  But for some to reap the benefits of billions of dollars and their well being while others have no water is an unacceptable position of light.  So herein are the choices.  And there will be many.  Some of them you see reflected within yourselves.

This Earth will be opening to an entirely new reality shortly.  A reality that comes forth from this transition.  In some cases from struggle.  In some cases from awakening to a much higher level of light.

I will be joining with many Masters who are seeking to bring in new information, but stabilization for those of you who are seeking light within the compass of your being.

It is extremely important and you recognize and know,  there are other potentials going well beyond what is stated here today that can support you in ways you have not yet dreamed.  So within the realm of opportunity, there is also the great gift of utilizing hope to sustain your lives and to move forward.  That is very much what we will be presenting all of you.

Keeping your connections is important.  Stabilization is important.  Sharing your hearts is important.  Loving your planet is important.  Your individual guidance will take you through some unimaginable places this year.  Let it be known that all will be provided with much love to those who seek it.

I wish you a very blessed year.  I send directly to each one of you, blessings through this time of transformation as an individual energetic projection that will assist you.

I thank you for your time, your attention, your care, and what you create ahead.

This is Lord Maitreya, Good Night.

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