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Dearly Beloveds, this is Sananda.

I welcome you to my heart. I welcome you into the vastness of all that you are unto the time-space that we are aligned in and connected together. It is a time in which we are opening to the Divine and whether you are conscious of this or not, you will notice and feel changes upon you.

In some cases, you may interpret those changes or situations coming forth as something you are moving into, a way or an area or an alignment that does not always feel so good. But give yourself a bit of time because the perspective may be on the other side one in which you notice many positive things have occurred. In other cases, you will look forward to some of these changes. Again, give yourselves some time to understand the meaning or significance of why this or that is upon you.

I am well aware that many of you have worked through, to some degree, the alteration of your DNA* through a blueprint** which has been significant or part of this pathway. Let me say, whether you had done this or not, there will be change that occurs. But at the same time, there is an opportunity within this situation for you to define the pathway before you, and to obliterate aspects within yourself which may call in harmonies not of fullest measure.

In this particular time period, many have celebrated today what is termed on your planet as Palm Sunday, and others will walk into the beginning of Passover tomorrow, and others, too, will find reasons to approach these days with some measure of ceremony or significance. That also expands to us on the higher levels and planes, and since my energy has been very directly aligned with these practices during these times, I would like to share some thoughts as we move into this Easter Passover week.

Many of you know and remember or recognise from some of the ancient teachings that I had the opportunity to learn from a great deal travelling on this Earth when I was present as the one you know as Jesus – or perhaps it would be easier to say ‘Jeshua’ for it was the name given and utilised for me most often then. And as this pathway and as this time period evolved, I learned through the many practices and the many teachers who came before me, to open to greater and greater awareness, consciousness and deepening of the heart centre.

From birth, I was conscious. I did not lose complete levels of awareness, as often happens on your planet, because even though the veils were thick, I came with such a clear and strong intention and was overshadowed by many masters who incorporated themselves into my Higher Self, that what came through to me was a pure and clear guidance throughout my lifetime.

At the same point in time, my mother, Mary, was of the deepest nature in my being and her levels of awareness kept me with great clarity throughout my lifetime, for she, too, had practised many of the ancient initiations throughout that time which had awakened her being so clearly so that mine was never to be forgotten.

Therefore, those things I walked into, things I said and did, were already known to me before they even happened. It was a meaningful way to live a life because it gave me the opportunity to not only understand, but to prepare myself in advance for any given mindset, or perhaps, preparation which might be needed to undertake a specific task before me.

It also allowed me to incorporate and bring forth much Light. For those who were around me, there were high levels of receptivity for this, for they, too, had done much clearing and were a part of what was known as the Essene Community. It was our intention as a group, or as a soul group, to come forth at that time to prepare and serve each other so a much grander plan could unfold when I came forth. Therefore, I was given assistance on every level of existence. On the different dimensional frequencies, I was held in a very specific generation of Light. and it allowed for me to bring forth that which would attract many to me who were able to hear, who were able to understand and who were able to incorporate that Light within themselves.

It was important, not only for that given point in time, but it was to be important for the future, because those seeds or germination of Light needed to be held within the hearts of many, throughout eons of time, so when the time was right, it could unfurl; it could be part of the newer reality we sought then to create.

This newer reality was a Light-bearing one, a Light time in which there were greater levels of awareness of how one lived Light because they were able to hold high measures of clarity and see for themselves, as I once did, what was ahead and prepare adequately and appropriately for the highest of measures to come forth.

As I was given this gift, it is also the time that has now unfurled for your gifts to arise. For it was a part of that time this Light came forth into each of you, and to many more who are scattered throughout the world. Now it is a time in which the awakening of what then would have been called Christ Consciousness, comes to the forefront.

It is not that this was a measure given only to a select few and to be held by no-one else, but in fact, something to be generated from each one to others, and then, to others beyond that, so there would be a spreading — a linkage of Light — and what you kindly refer to on your plane as a new grid of awareness, which would allow for a dissemination of much greater Light for further and expanded choices during this time.

The point and purpose of such a plan was to recreate a reality you may often refer to as ‘Heaven on Earth’. Imagine in your minds what you would call ‘Heaven’ and the way life would be attained and maintained in such a creation. All have experienced this at one point or another, perhaps in various ways and means, but nonetheless, as you have returned home in one fashion or another over many incarnations, you have realised a much greater and expanded portion of the truth of love, compassion and simply beauty.

It has always been a desire for that to be maintained on this plane, yet little has it been possible for interruptions creating less peace and more disruption have constantly remained on this planet. In order to supersede many of these situations, a plan was devised which you refer to as ‘Ascension’. This plan was also seeded into many of you by the Light because it was an understanding with your own physical beings the opportunity to create and generate a higher vibration that within it, these disruptions so prevalent on Earth could no longer exist. They simply would fall away because they did not match in frequency.

Therefore, it became important the Light become a measure within all of you of this higher element you all carry. This was a plan, and this has been done and created. Many are awakening and coming to a place in which they realise holding the densities of the lesser vibrations has hindered their progress for ever so long. There is no match to the concept of ‘Heaven’, and there is no place within them they choose to hold this much longer.

This particular time period on your planet is extremely important because you are now encompassing what is called ‘The Grand Cross’ in the sky. It is a configuration allowing for, let’s say, disruption of some sort or another to those aspects held within your being or life that do not serve you any longer, that will bring to the surface those things which do not feel to be in harmony, or in the greater truth, or the direction you seek at this moment.

Give yourself the opportunity to experience not only the configuration of the skies, but also the time of resurrection forecast every Easter on your planet. Only this resurrection is yours, not mine. Mine occurred long ago. Mine, in some respects, was never lost. But it is for you to understand within your beings you are coming into a new time, and your hearts will remember more and more easily where you wish to be, what you wish to design, what you are doing on this planet. It is the time in which your Ascension, whether in small measures or large, begins to take place. And the seeding together forms a uniting of a Light Consciousness which has not pervaded this Earth for hundreds of thousands of years.

You are the holders of the beginning. You are the keys of opportunity and all life. You will transmit life — Light to this planet and to each other, and spark within others those moments and times and opportunities in which they, too, will generate the same.

I link in particular with you this given week for the timing is so important. The star configurations will allow for much to come forth. It is that a great deal of the past in which we were aligned and connected, whether you remember or not, will be acknowledged and generated and touched by my heart this week. I open to all of you through the vibration being sent through Lois. I am hopeful your hearts will be touched, that your beauty will be stirred once again, that new times within your being rise to the surface and the potential of all life you carry comes into greater harmony and fruition.

This year 2014 is the open doorway for this new light grid to come into being in a much expanded manner.

I will be working with all of you, both consciously and unconsciously, in the days ahead. Feel my presence in your heart. Know nothing less than love within each and every one of you, for that is all I carry. There is no room for anything else, and when you feel me, you feel that. That is Christ Consciousness, and that involves all who prepared and supported me coming through and doing the same for you.

THIS IS SANANDA, an open heart and an open book, connected to all of you.

*Referemce to DNA is from Aligning to Light DNA Series available in MP3 form

**Reference to the blueprint refers to the series practice of rewriting our bluebrint with Thoth and AA Metatron

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