Other Mother Mary Channelings

We sometimes weep together, perhaps not knowingly, but we do, seeing what people have forgotten about each other and how to form the vowels and consonants of a simple word of LOVE.

We come to the surface of a new time. It is a time that I have long awaited and sought, yet so often I see the sadness generated here reaching this time. And it does make me weep. I know you share this and I feel it in my heart, a moment in time in which you see some expression in your world that does not match the truth and the expression of what you came to give and do. It was sometimes hard being one who saw these things on your planet and yet, knew my role was to consistently see well beyond all of it.

Now it is your role. It has your face upon it and your heart within the expression. Call on me whenever you need greater strength, support or levels of remembrance so you move through what may be standing before you that is not a picture of beauty, but some other configuration not needed any longer on your plane.

We have agreed, all of us, to do more, to Love with what we know and the truth of who and what we have been, and are. It is time to reconnect and for you to remember I share with you the greatest expansion of my heart possible.

I embrace you all, almost as if Mother Goose is embracing all the children. It is perhaps a silly analogy, but at times I wish you to know my Love is to comfort all of you, for you to remember and move ahead with what we all carry together.

I am also a part of Easter because in what was shown or believed at that period of time, was a great dismissal of a human life and of other human lives, and how this message was carried out brought many to weep. It is not what was given as the truth or the reality then, but it is what was seen and believed to be reality. And so this has been carried down throughout the ages.

It is now time to open your eyes, to look beyond that which is seen, to know within your hearts the greater truths and to live them with each of us, Jeshua and myself, standing beside you.

Let us walk together this path we chose long ago. Let us carry that which we said ‘Yes’ to at that time.

Remember always, the love of the Creator expands in you at this time of year. Keep it intact, but expanding, and knowing I AM ONE with each of you, beloveds.


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