Sheikh Horse Communication

My name is Sheikh.  I am a horse.  My time on earth has ended, yet I am present here with many animals who oversee certain aspects of life on this planet and elsewhere.  In some dimensions we can be seen as Unicorns, but rarely on earth.  I bring forth the following for you to consider:  Time on your planet is short for those who dismiss our significance.  We have carried people for eons of time – into war, to hospitals (of some sort or other), to represent militia, to winning on racetracks and to alleviate stress.  We have provided mankind with means of transportation before much else came into being in the latter centuries on earth.

Now the time is coming where we will represent a new aspect for humanity  – one not discovered previously yet felt upon your planet.  We bear a great deal of energy in our beings and can support those who have not carried enough light at all times to further their own well-being through a total incarnation.  We support those who are needing to see, hear and feel all aspects of life on this plane should they interact with us in a conscious manner.  We will supply new sources of energy they did not expect, and we come forth in the times ahead to do exactly that.  Some of your supplies in foods, or perhaps waters and air have debilitated the total essence of your well-being and health.  We are able to overcome much of this for you if you pay attention to that which we carry.  There is enough for us and for those who ride us, pet us, groom us and take care of our needs also.  We are present here now and ahead to alter the misery that some face by finding lesser attributes of well being upon them.

Horses have an innate ability to sense these things and for those of you who have the ability – or learn it –  to communicate with us, will receive the benefit of knowing what we know, for we will tell you.  We will offer ways to heal your bodies and your earth should you but ask, and listen well to our inner knowing.  We are wise and have been on this plane for many many eons of time, and yet, we are still considered by most of you, vehicles of transportation and even, dumb beasts.

These years ahead will prove we have much to give you humans and to offer a potential for greater healing than you have ever expected.  In many cases, we provide a new level of power which was not part of your energy field or perhaps diminished over time.  Consider our love for this land and that we have been carriers of life for so long. Now we are ready to share much more with those of you so willing.  It is our intention as a collective to bring in new levels of energy and some of it will clear the disruptions present during these times.  We ground energy through our beings and even the cadence of our steps has something to do with allowing for greater movement and transmission of energies to your plane.  There is a musical cadence offered through our bodies to support you and earth.

Some of you will need to overcome your fears to benefit from what we are here to do.  It will rid you of other fears as well when you do so.  We shall support that movement of trust to move ahead in this earth and find new beginnings which felt lacking or impossible or perhaps just focused on other things at the time.  When you encounter us, remember to look straight in the eye, to place a hand on a shoulder and allow us to communicate to you in unseen yet very clear and present ways.

There is an effort to minimize our presence on this earth, but there will be a reawakening soon, if only for natural beauty and care for us as a group of energies on earth.  This day is fast approaching and we will need caretakers, but also places to recharge those with what we carry.  Will you be one?

We hope so.  I am Lois’s horse from the world beyond yours.  I am a spirit of light who transforms those seeking to impart danger or dismiss greater light.  It was my work on this planet while I was there.  This transmission of energy can be brought through from the higher planes, although I will surface again on earth.  Remember to look for me in all forms for there are many who incarnate specifically to help you.

My name is Sheikh.  I am a horse.  A white horse filled with light.

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