Lord Maitreya’s Outlook for 2017

Channelled by Lois Hartwick
January 8, 2017

I would like to welcome you all to this new time we are in for the year 2017. These channelings with Lord Maitreya take place once a year through me, and they are prognostications of the year ahead in his terms and vision and understanding of what we are incorporating at the present time we are in. He, along with several others, are very involved in setting forth specific intentions, and I would say, binding agreements, in terms of assisting of what is to unfold from the higher realm in a given perspective that he sees for us in the year ahead. So what seems to be intended and planned, not only in the country we are in at this point, but for other countries around the world and for an overall perspective of planet earth. He is here today to share some of those thoughts with us. Give me a moment and we will begin.

I greet you in the name of One. I come forth from this higher-dimensional frequency to work consciously with the concepts and ideas being formed and created consciously on planet Earth.

I am here to attend to the overall considerations requiring higher levels of balance to assure an ongoing nature to the levels of reality, which are not only those of consideration for planet Earth, but those which embody the Creator’s intention for all that was to be manifest on this planet and plane. Obviously, there are considerations extending way beyond planet Earth. It is not a singular entity, and one in which we divorce ourselves from the entire Cosmos in terms of the assessments and valuations we make. Therefore, there are times in which I express myself that may be taking forth a larger picture in that which I say.

Having said that, I welcome you to the very heart of my being. It is with great consideration and love I express my thoughts today for the evolvement of your planet at this time. Known to myself and others, are a series of representations of energy that will be forthcoming onto your planet carrying diverse energies. And if one were to look at it from my perspective, it would be looking at a car race on a field or track in which cars are going in many different directions all at once. Rather than see cars moving around in a circle as you do witnessing such a race, imagine them going frontwards and backwards, east and west, north and south, and you will begin to realize there are divergent energies upon you that will be creating levels of discomfort for those who are not paying attention to alleviate such discrepancies. Most on your planet have no idea how to do or accomplish this.

For those of you who have long been working with expanding your awareness and uplifting your potential through a series of initiations and what I would call “root paths”, you will begin to recognize there is an opportunity here, for you are simply moving past this level of confusion and accessing that which is coming forth from many of us in this year ahead. When there are journeys and times in which there are cross-purposes occurring on planet Earth, we are blanketing this planet with the higher vibration and energy to support those of you tapped-in enough to listen and receive. And for many of you, this is work you have done for a long period of time to be able to access that which comes forth from the higher realms.

I am including myself in this process at this time. There are always ways to counter situations which occur on planet Earth, but in the overall context, I would say they are rarely seen or understood. This is a year of many divergent energies coming forth, and in some cases they are coming from the stars; in some cases they are coming from other realms and galaxies towards your planet; in some cases they are coming from other planetary levels of which your solar system is a part – and people on Earth are being triggered by a vast array of energies put forth so that levels of confusion are often created. And what you will begin to see is that people on this planet – and specifically governments in your country, America – will be taking one direction only to about-face days later or weeks later or months later, disallowing for an entire process which originally occurred as an intention or belief system.

That may not seem to be an earth-shaking value, but let me put it this way. If each of you were to take a series of marriage vows and to focus your life in an intention with another partner, you would be moving ahead, even if in an exploratory direction together. But to find out that that partner might be changing direction midstream or undermining the process you took with good faith, it will create within levels of your being which are vulnerable to doubt. And within this doubt certain clouds arise, and the ability to move forward on the same pathway either becomes hesitant or stops. If you envision this and imagine it for yourselves, expand the vision in a much larger way to that which will be opening before you, not only in your country, but that which affects many others as well.

How do we counter such an event or situation? Oftentimes this has to do with your willingness, your persistence and your intention to focus in light with those of us who are guiding individually your path. And this pathway may be extended in such a way that it increases the levels of what you are doing, or have been doing, in a more expanded level than you have previously undertaken. Some of you may find that even though my words are acceptable or taken in, that your given journey has some measure of a roadblock or difficulty in front of you, making all of this seem conversational rather than a path to follow.

Accept the realisation that no-one on these higher levels of light to whom you have been connected deserts or abandons you. Make clear your intention to break through these clouds which are going to be predominant around your planet in these times ahead. Clouds often contain discrepancies and diverse energies from a whole variety of sources, and in some cases those which have been manipulated and used to such a degree that one can barely decipher what is true and what once was. Do not let this dissuade you. Do not fall away into a pattern of letting go of all you have done or created on this planet – for together, you see, we are able to work miracles!

How often have you thought of that word and that type of situation as something that comes from beyond, perhaps from God or however you might choose to frame it, and not include yourself in such a potential or reality? But I tell you, this is the time for these to begin manifestation, and your presence and your opportunity to remain steady in this time will present new opportunities of miracles ahead. This does not last forever. We are not talking about carrying these energies to the end-times, whatever that phrase might be. It is utilised on your planet, but in my perception no such place exists.

So let us say that in the future there is a great clearing of that which is occurring now, but it must be potentially possible with those of you who have maintained a level of light infusion so this is brought fully to planet Earth. Those of you who engaged not 15 or 20 minutes ago in the meditation may recognise that in the sphere of light brought forth – a representation of a crystalline structure in which you were taking elements of light into your physical configuration – that this light is replicated on your planet Earth in the crystals which are seeded here. There is to be an awakening of many crystalline structures that will begin to generate, not only from the higher realms but from the Earthly realms, a new presentation of energy that vibrates in frequencies to dispel that which is no longer viable or need be held on your planet. In some cases when this happens, you will see situations occurring on the Earth plane that may seem destructive or harmful, or even unnecessary because the frequencies are so diverse.

Yet, this is how it will be and it has much to do with why it has been important for so many of you to seek this higher vibration you have placed into a termination or description called “ascension”. It is essentially for you to be able to maintain a presence on this plane with what will be unfolding – and it is that many others may not be able to do so. Yes, you will see situations in which there are takeovers and abuses and terminations of souls’ light on Earth, but there is the carrying forth of the mantle, the sepulcher of light seeded within your hearts that has allowed you to be present here today.

I am opening doorways to each one of you present and listening, and many ahead who may potentially be receiving these words. Your planet undergoes various aspects of turmoil, yet you have a job you came here to do. Now it is with myself and many others that this realization will begin to be activated, and you will find within your hearts there are many solutions which previously have been unknown. There is also an awakening which begins to occur interdimensionally. That means that along with those of your planet Earth – from nature spirits to nymphs to those who are of a crystalline structure and various other elements of planet Earth, to the human being and to the various levels occurring within the 4th dimension – a much greater realization is beginning to unfurl and will start within the next 2 to 3 months.

Beyond the 4th dimension, there are those who are engaged within the many levels that exist in the 5th dimension, with a varied set of duties and plans to put forth a greater expanded light and intention to support those of you on the planet at this time, specifically those who are asking for greater and greater assistance. For as disruption occurs and increases, so, too, does the light; so, too, does the assistance; so, too, is our presence – and this will go through a variety of levels beyond the 5th dimension. There is an extension between all of these levels that you will be able to receive when you are consciously moving and open toward those potentials forthcoming.

Planet Earth has been given special attention, we could say, from around the world and around the block, but I would say from around the galaxy and into other universes almost, there has been a very powerful draw to this planet. It is interconnected and aligned with other placements in the universe, and were this planet to drop out of the alignment, all else would be affected. Dropping out of the alignment does not necessarily mean no longer existing, but holding a vibration that is far too low does not serve the higher purpose or what has been intended.

“And what would that be?” you might ask me. And I would suggest that there has been an eternal vision where love is able to dominate more than one planetary existence. It has so been that it is seeded to your planet to become the overall essence of this life on your plane. I hear you thinking ‘we are a long way from that’ and yes, this is understood but it is not forsaken, and this is the essence why you are here; this is the reminder for your heart. This is what you have long sought, oftentimes in terms of relationships, yet in reality, in terms of yourself and why you originated on this planet, after all is said and done.

Many beings in different levels and realities have an opportunity to come together and to hear each other’s hearts. And whether you are talking to a lion or someone in a nearby spaceship or a piece of crystal or your best friend, you have an opportunity to enjoin in love, in the grace that is extended to each one of you with a heart that opens to the Oneness and the potential ahead. You will see disarray and disruption around you. You will forget my words from time to time, but I am asking you to remember them or to go over what has been said here as you go through this year and the one ahead.

There are times in which it is known that disruption is a part of the process, yet great leaders will move forward in a structured and meaningful way, hearing the words of the Creator and knowing the Plan is in place. This Plan is not necessarily given in the way you would logically know or understand – that in January this will happen and in March this will happen, or in October something else will happen – but it is, rather, a testing of faith. And this initiation is not only for you, but for the entire planet, and extends beyond to all else. Let it be that you are here to know all that you are and the Oneness that exists.

Sometimes I recognize there is difficulty when Oneness is spoken about on your planet, because you are seeing so many diverse actions that might never be acceptable in your heart. I understand. I see this too. I am not immune to those things which are present on your Earth, but when you spend time in your heart connecting to the light, there is no room for these diverse energies. And this is where you will see the misalignments, the lack of understanding and purpose toward truth. They have not been able to incorporate the greatest of light within the levels of darkness.

Toward this end, you are here and working to the best of your abilities to hold that which will dispel further moments of this dark. You will be tested; you will be turned away from some of that which is difficult to see. But you must retain the essence of light allowing you to be present and here in these times ahead. Some of you will be called to service to extend what you do in a larger, perhaps 3D manner, and others will have awakenings that will be shared in a newer manner. Each of you has an individual assignment, and whether you look at it as something clearly written in a book as if it is stated as your ‘mission statement’ or whether it is simply going about your day as you do, it is a part of the calling and need for the time ahead.

Rarely do I dispense information that relates to the general activities of your planet, at least in terms of specifics – but in this case, I will digress.

There is the potential with certain streams of energy not properly curtailed to create great levels of disruption which can affect several countries. You must put forth as much light and intention in this regard as possible, for you will see that which is forthcoming. You may indeed be totally disturbed with certain situations that you disagree with or feel are unnecessary, or simply feel a tide of anger within, but without your projection of light to these given situations they are harder to quell.

Yes, we will participate. Yes, we will assist, certainly with those of you having these higher intentions, but additionally certain methodologies will be taken into consideration. But you have come here for a purpose and a reason. It is unfolding now.

There are those of us who may be entering your meditations. Specific guidance may come through unlike before. Times ahead may prove somewhat different than what you are used to. Paying attention to your inner guidance will allow you to shift and ride these waves of change with greater ease. None of you are to fall by the wayside or be infallible and overtaken in some regard. But rather, pay attention to your hearts and the many practices you have had to centre yourselves. Certain energies are forthcoming that do not align with your hearts, with the sensibilities that you came forth to promote. Send them light. All things can be awakened despite what seems impossible at the moment.

There has been, as you know, from many, many incarnations times in which challenges have existed on this planet, and these challenges have ultimately come down to levels of power and control, and often in terms of making mistakes eliminating far too much. It has been a question and long known as to when this would arise again and how control might be overtaken on planet Earth. Well, the lessons have existed certainly way in the past and often forgotten, but some things will trigger within you a sense that this or that is not right. Stand firm in your conviction. Know that there has been for many of you within a lifetime, or close enough to it, a major level of oppression that was attempted on your planet, and it took quite some time for it to be resolved and overcome.

Such diverse energies that existed in WWII, and even beyond that, do not necessarily disappear, but seek to come forth in another form, another shape, another level of reality so that they are not always seen and understood. But many of you will begin to sense when this is not feeling as it should. By promoting light and taking a firm stand, asking for our help in any situation you face, there will be changes that begin to occur around you. I cannot promise all resolution for such things within a short period of time, but there will be some changes where peace is more acceptable and easily embraced, almost as if I could say “pockets” here and there throughout the year. And I’m speaking of peace in terms of greater inner harmony as opposed to an out and out war.

Now this may sound like a rather strong prediction or an overall compilation on my part of things for a year ahead. At the same time, within your lives it is important for you to find ways of self-expression that relate to your individual joy. And I say this for several reasons. Your essence needs an outlet; it needs an opening; it needs a place to be. And when you find joyful measures, you recognise that you are releasing a specific vibration that counters all else. It is an opportunity and a way of service. It is an opportunity to infect others with this measure and opportunity. It is a way in which others can equally enjoy what you are enjoying, merely by seeing you happy and joyful.

This may seem very simplistic as an answer, but do you think about what you are going to do this year to be joyful, to have fun, to pull forth supporting energies from the ethers that will increase the vibration of joy that is held within you? And if you say to me, “Maitreya, I do not find this joy within myself,” I would say you need to look further; perhaps you may ask for assistance and recognize that a small opening must be cut somewhere for this to begin to seep out. What greater measure to counter any measure of insanity that you see before you?

It is something that will attract many into your life. Embrace the children. Embrace the animals. Utilize your abilities to love to bring forth greater joy. Open the higher doors to reality on planet Earth this year. There will be enough to see, that people will be disgruntled or concerned or feel “we do not know how to control this problem.” Yet seeing you – any one of you – being able to find a possible, loving response or joyfulness within your being, are the very seeds that you carry for transformation.

You are here as Angels of Light to accomplish this in whatever ways possible. I am looking forward to a deepening connection with all of you this year. I will be stepping further into a position of connecting and speaking and generating more energy as this time unfolds. My work has long been predicted – or my appearance or my reality – but that has been greatly minimized in the past. This year I will be among you. You are each able to receive this generation of light. I seek to maintain balance for each of you.

Tonight, as you contemplate these words, think of those things which would support your reality such as it is, and send me those thoughts, that list, that piece that would bring forth balance in your life so that your intention to disseminate light is present at all times. You will be assisted.

You are my brothers and sisters. You are the aspects of the Oneness. I support all that is attempting to support all else.

I greet you in the light, in the name of the One.

I am Lord Maitreya.

Blessings descend upon you and planet Earth. Goodnight.

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