Opening the Doors to What’s Ahead

Channeled and Edited by Lois Hartwick
Transcribed by Sandra Pock
Class 1 of 2 – March 12, 2017

Brethren of Light ~

My presence is among you as we speak. It is possible for my energy to be realized with each one of you regardless of where I presently am. Because it is in that intention I embrace you with what I am, during this monologue, during this conversation, during your questions, and in your lives in general. I have long sought to explain further some of those aspects of being in this form, this given potential of which I exist in consciousness, how that is affecting the world, and how it has the potential to affect work with you.

There are many who will direct their thoughts specifically to myself and obviously, to many others. When they are directed toward me, I am able to receive that frequency and vibration and utilize it in terms of a response—which may be an energetic one directly received in one’s mind or may be one replicated in some regard you are able to understand appearing in one way or another before you. Sometimes this does not happen immediately because there might be a bit of “set-up” required to give you an answer to a question or to those thoughts and prayers directed to me.

Now in this regard I am sure you understand when one is connected in an overall energetic sense to the inhabitants of your planet, there is a great deal which is heard and moved into my sphere of awareness. It takes some concentration to embrace the larger thoughts and ideas and concepts coming through.

Yet at the same time, these things are easily known by myself and many of you, – who are working in your given way to understand more clearly who you are – and will start to embrace further this given year after the Equinox the abilities to discern and disseminate to some degree, those energies coming into your field of reality and to recognize you are able to respond to many of them at once.

Now it may not necessarily take a response on your part. But you can be in a position in which you are recognizing you are taking in a conversation, some mind thoughts, television, perhaps a newspaper or book, or others who are speaking to you, and levels of consciousness becoming more pronounced on your planet.

Now the reason for this pronouncement on your planet is that there is a heightened sense of frequency and vibration. Many of you are able to hear it and to take this into your entire sphere of being for it is not just the physical aspect, but it is also, the extension of your energy field beyond you.

As these things are taken in, there becomes a greater sense of awareness of what is happening in the world. Or perhaps, your world, which may have had much more to do with your family and where you work that now starts to expand not only into your community, but perhaps, your country or your government or interactions with other parts of the world depending on how you are living and what you are doing. With this situation beginning to occur, there will be times in which many of you will simply have a feeling of being overloaded, overworked, over processed, or extremely tired because your being is filtering out much coming in and much needing to go out.

This is a relatively new situation even though it has been building over a period of time. However, as you develop greater and greater levels of sensitivity, more will become present. In some of the teachings you have had with respect to levels of awareness, consciousness, protection, use of the hologram, and so on and so forth, you will recognize the need to embrace some of these techniques to minimize the impact upon your being.

However, at the same time, I would like to suggest that projected from myself can be a stream of energy, or as you might say light, to directly encase your physical and etheric being in a measure of support each day so the extremes of consciousness which become louder voices within your being, can be closed off or shielded to a much greater degree than you presently have intact.

These are examples of what will be coming forth because the shifts in energy on your planet are going to become more heightened. You recognize and you have long heard and been told that the dimensional frequencies are shifting and changing from one level of reality into another. This happens in various stages where one starts to move from one level into another. Now that happens individually and I could look at you and say, “Well you are here, and you are here, etc.” But when there is a shift energetically that begins to come to the planet, and the planet herself is moving into a new level, then everyone can be affected by this particular change. And it is not based on the individual’s process, but that of the planet.

That is what will be happening in the next 14 to 70 days—a process of moving into another level which will eventually move this planet into a 5th dimensional reality. We certainly are not there yet. It will take time and many other levels before that occurs, but I am wanting you to understand this is in existence or will be shortly.

Some of you may find you have times not only of being tired, but there can be some dizziness that might be associated with this. So I am going to suggest you are open to obtaining this projection of light I would send to each of you to assist during this time.

Now that will not only affect you, but you may see some shifts in various types of behavior in the way people are reacting or behaving toward each other. At times there have been increased levels of anxiety, anger, misunderstandings, perhaps some levels of distress from time to time, and even a releasing of your own given circumstances coming to a boil in terms of cleansing and releasing, allowing you to move onto your next steps.

Because of this, you may see some changes and more interaction between people who are feeling very positioned to claim their right to their position. In other words, there can be a deepening in polarization that exists. I know you may be thinking of given situations as I say this, perhaps governmentally, and perhaps, in terms of dynamics of those whom you are friends with or know in your family. This can also exist between countries. It is not always the easiest situation to shake because as this energy becomes more refined, it does not necessarily suit those who have been paying very little attention. It is a more difficult process to be ingested and so, when they are receiving these energies, they may be reactive to them.

Now part of why I wanted to do this explanation and this session was that it is highly probable there will be altercations up ahead. Whether that is between two individuals who are cutting each other off on a highway somewhere, or whether that is between a variety of egos involved in some discussion which turns into something else, or relates to what occurs between trade partners in a larger sense in your world. These types of things will definitely be affecting the overall levels of consciousness people feel. Now I am not talking about just the energies coming in. I am talking about the responses, the behaviors that can occur.

So here is my suggestion: That each time you are seeing a situation of great distress or discomfort or concern, that you not only send light and direct it toward the situation, whatever it might be, but you call in my abilities to send a calming light to surround the situation and to ease what is presently occurring. Now obviously, in some situations there may be things which occur before you even know about them. Your thought might be, “Well, it is too late for that.” But I would say to you the situation may not have cleared away completely. The energies of any measure of hostility, hatred, anger, and arguing — all of this more dense and less desirable energy, is able to remain for a period of time etherically. Even if something has happened, it is helpful to have energy coming forth to clear it.

I am turning my efforts toward this given prospect this year, as I believe it will be helpful and minimize some of the antagonisms that occur on planet earth. At the same time this is occurring, it is important to recognize for each one of you, there is a benefit in this heightened energy, and you are able to utilize it within your being. You may find there are certain times in which parts of yourself are being triggered in one way or another. I am going to suggest you are bringing up something which has been a part of your past, conscious or not, no longer needed. As it comes to the surface, let us together bring in the energy I can send to you. Together we ask for it to be released, returned to the Father for a completely new designation.

Now this can be done even for something even quite simple. I don’t want anyone to feel what is coming forth for them may be too insignificant to ask for this to occur. I would rather the insignificant happen as opposed to feeling not worthy or not appointed enough for you to receive such a designation from me.

This is a time in which the fine tuning of the energies will be received well by most of you, despite having certain times from the past that may appear on the surface. This need be released very quickly and can be by you and myself. Then these higher seeded energies begin to circulate within your being, and you will find many of the things that have held you back, have kept you sluggish, have allowed for a great deal of doubt to creep in about what we are all doing here anyway, begin to dissipate, and there is a newer frequency within your being.

This frequency gathers light. So in other words, what is being transformed within you, or replaced, is an attractor of more of the same. In time you will begin to re-align your entire beings. Not through huge effort, or difficulty, or endless past life sessions, or forty massages, or special work you need to do on one level or another, but simply by being present as this energy becomes more and more seeded into your planet.

I am connected with this. I am a part of this. It is something to embrace with a level of consciousness so you are utilizing it in a much more beneficial way than you might think. Now because of this, there is an opportunity as well in terms of what you ask to have directed toward a given situation that may be occurring in your world. You have an opportunity to minimize, and in some levels, even refute some of the outcomes, that might seem imminent in your estimation, coming forth.

Not everyone is going to remember to do this. I would suggest it is almost as if you are saying, “Sananda, bring harmony to this given place. Allow for the energies to be transformative and minimizing that which is building up into a situation that no one seeks to have come forth.”

It will be my greatest desire to assist in this regard.

You might be saying, “Why wouldn’t you just do that anyway? Just beam in light to the whole planet and resolve so much of what is going on.” I would say there are very important lessons which are being learned now. I would say there are people who have misused their energy for so long they do not have in their consciousness another way to be. They are very much who they are. This can lead to difficulties. I am not stepping in, nor or any of those of us of a higher nature, to change mankind’s Will to ours. But when you, as a person of this planet, are requesting assistance, I, and the others with whom you have long been acquainted of Hierarchy, do not turn away. There is a very fine line here about how things are managed. But it is also very clear that mankind has certain lessons to utilize and to learn. This is a time in which some will be quite prominent.

I would also like to add, whether you have thought of this or not, every country has karma. There are certain karmic lessons learned as a collective, as part of a country. It does not mean every single person in that country has participated in creating this karma, but many have in terms of joining a group consciousness or going along with something because they simply don’t care one way or the other.

So these, too, can become heightened in a time period such as this. It is well to understand each country, or almost each country, has created a variety of different karmic situations to learn. Some are minimized by proximity, by money, by power, by intention, and certainly desires of some people to live in harmony and not create or make waves. You can discern, depending on where you live, what waves might have been created where you are.

Sometimes you will be taking this into consideration and recognizing that even a group soul consciousness for a given country needs to have a greater sense of light pervading it from what presently exists. I will encourage you, if you feel that is the case, to ask me to direct light toward that. Not as an interference to create more havoc, but to soothe and minimize intentions that are harmful, deceitful, or simply so unconscious.

We are in a time and coming into a greater one, where your assistance will be greatly needed. Your participation in creating a world ahead stands front and foremost. No longer will it be that it is solely the outcome of the one who has been elected the highest official in a given nation, but rather, the people, who have an intention for certain levels of reality to exist.

Now I have spoken today about the possibilities of the polarities which have existed. This can be taken to many other levels as well. Surely you recognize there are difficulties on your planet. There are many levels of poverty that exist. There is sex trafficking. There is drug trafficking. There are people who are lost—almost in space—but they are on your planet, for they no longer have a home or a place to be.

These things are creating such levels of disruption; it is becoming extremely important for these higher frequencies to be seeded in. In some instances this is going to allow for those who are not awakened or unconscious to take another look. In many other instances, for those of you who are working consciously to support this planet and the higher intentions of the world ahead to be seeded in, you will have full cooperation and assistance from myself to support what you are seeking to uplift and hold in God’s Light.

Now having said that, I want you to understand as well, that those of us who are in what you would call the Hierarchal formation, are working together in this light configuration to embrace you on this planet and what has long been foreseen as potential outcomes. Anyone of those you work with who project light, who offer love, who share in some measure and support your given reality, is always appropriate for you to connect with.

I am suggesting today, more specifically, my intention and work for the time ahead. All of us have been appraised of this given potential and reality. We, as a grouping of many thousands, are working to support the same goal of light, of harmony, of freedom, and the ability to live a life without intrusion on your planet. Obviously, there are karmic situations to be overcome and to be acknowledged, and lessons to be learned, but the tide is to turn. You must know of our intentions to join with us to do so.

I am honored to be part of this group today. I am hoping that this given message will go to many so they, too, may incorporate the concepts and ideas and intentions of a higher plan toward world peace.

I am grateful for this opportunity, and for the love you have for All That Is in the realm of earth and in connection with All That Is in the realm of ourselves. They are not disconnected. They are going to become more and more seen and understood in the days ahead.

May God’s Light shine on every one of you and in your hearts and in your dreams.

This is Jesus-Sananda. Thank you. Good Night.

Lois: Sometimes it is not as easy to come back from these and carry on a conversation. I hope this will be helpful, food for thought. We will see where we end up going with this next week. I think the channeling after this with Mother Mary is a continuation in some regards but from her perspective. Hopefully, we find ways that we are able to really make a difference in some regard. I will be interested to hear if you work with this during the week and find you have any sense of something as a result – good, bad, or indifferent.

Summary Question 1: The work in connecting and bringing the energy into a situation, if we were using a hologram to do that, is there a specific color or frequency within the hologram that we would use?

Lois/Sananda: It is not the same thing. Blue. That is not what I am seeing that he is sending but that is the answer I got.]

Summary Question 2: I wonder if there is a value of us coming together as a group so there is an exponential quality to that which we are directing the light, to that which we are connecting with Sananda at the time?

Lois/Sananda: Yes that would be a positive and beneficial thing to do. The main reason this has come out the way that he said it is having an individual empowerment. Each one of us can make a difference. It may very well be that you see something in your town, or the newspaper, or something happening on a personal level, that you would not be involved in a group situation working toward that. He is really making this about the significance. We each can make. Yes, of course, what you are saying is appropriate, but it takes a bit of organization.

[Clarification Comment: when we see global distortions of some significance with these weavings of the karmic lesson threads which could be ameliorated by a group presence. That was the type of situation which I was talking about. I certainly do hear the importance of us individually, every day, and every moment. What I heard was that it is simply by being present. We don’t have to use the tools or do anything in particular. Just set an intention with him where love is the most evocative.]

Lois/Sananda: You may have a couple of things to put out there and you can send around to all of us and we could all have a group intention and ask for this assistance to work on a specific issue or ten issues, or whatever.]

Summary Comment 1: I have a group that regularly meets Tuesday evening at 7:00 EST. We do a 30 minute meditation just for global work. If you are interested in joining us I will circulate the information to anyone who would like to join.

Lois/Sananda: Are there any more thoughts or questions? Okay I guess we will end for today. Sananda is saying to me at this point, even though I thought we were ended, that we can definitely create a group consciousness with a specific focus. It does not necessarily mean that we all have to get together at the same time. Simply set something up and call in this energy that he will send. We have specific times individually in which we might want to put a little bit of attention toward the outcome we are seeking. Make sure when you are putting something together that you have a united outcome. You may say, “toward a more harmonious situation” rather than saying someone thinking I want this war to end and someone is thinking well let’s hope the Persians are the ones who are going to win. People have different thoughts about what would be the outcome. You want to have a group focus that is the same. Then you can almost “seed” this situation with this incoming energy. It needs a united focus and intention.

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