Christ Consciousness – A Beginning

Channeled and Edited by Lois Hartwick
Transcribed by Sandra Pock
Class 2 of 2 – March 19, 2017

Dearly Beloved Earth Beings, humans of this planet that you are on,

I greet you from my heart and from the very soul and essence of my being that speaks to all of you in a measured and heart-felt manner at this time of year and in this particular channeling through Lois.

You are walking into a newer reality ahead. This reality has many configurations and perhaps has many different rooms and mansions within it, as you have heard with respect to comments about heaven. There are those who have come into this reality with a very given and specific purpose. Some of these purposes are to foster the development of your planet—mankind—and others are to enslave it. These are intentions which have been brought from greater realities in the cosmos. Some have been seeded into your planet. Some have come here with an intention of utilizing this given world for purposes that do not belie greater light, opportunity, love, or expansion with respect to those who are upon it.

When I came to the planet thousands of years ago it was with a grander plan in mind, that which some of you participated in. Others may have joined at a later point in time. Perhaps a few were rather indifferent or not acknowledging this grander spectrum which was occurring. The plan was to open the reality that there was an opportunity of movement into a higher level than what presently existed here. This was shown through the obstacles faced in terms of overcoming the concept so prevalent at the time—and still is—that man faces death and life ‘ends’ at that time.

There was a great need to alter and change this reality, as well as to recreate a perception there was something greater than the existence many had embraced in their given lifetime. Whatever was shown and passed down throughout history was to give mankind a greater vision for the opportunity ahead to expand who he or she was and be free of levels of oppression.

The story of my reality is to exemplify that. It also exemplified on that journey there were many trials to reaching such a conclusion. What was portrayed then has still been playing out these many thousands of years later. And yet, the actual ability of mankind to raise their frequency and vibration and to connect into the potential of the Higher Self, the God Self, remains intact today. Yet few tend to realize it in the potential and possibility of themselves for changing exactly what is transpiring on your planet today.

Many have followed a given path from one religion or another, all of which bear certain truths. But not all are expanding mankind’s reality to the extended self and the potential that exists. It is important this message be received in its entirety. When you have come to a place in which you have chosen to serve in some regard, you are a part of this reality created two thousand and more years ago. That is because we have extended our family on this planet, not only in terms of the three dimensional reality you live in, but also, there are those on each dimensional frequency, who are a companion to this particular energy field, intention, and given reality.

What is occurring on your planet now in terms of turmoil, and chaos, and upset, is an extension of given realities, interferences, and projections of specific levels of energy being received on your planet. There are often a variety of messages which are in conflict with your neighbor, or with a given sense of reality you once had. What this is doing is creating at times, some measure of doubt as to your inherent connection and choice now on your planet.

My purpose is to remind you we are connected together. This is an embracement of Christ Consciousness and what has long been intended for this planet, and for your own given opportunity to move into this higher level of your inner being and ascension process. In some cases this is an example for others as well. And in other cases, you are here holding a given energy established long ago, yet has needed to have repeating incarnations for this energy to be held and maintained on your planet.

Christ Consciousness is not simply about the man that I was, but rather, an embracement of the given higher reality of which I am a part, and all of you are as well. But descending onto the Earth, and in some cases other civilizations, there has not been the opportunity to fully embrace this energy so the grander truth of your reality comes to the forefront. No, rather, it is one that will be repeated in some way as a reminder, such as this moment, or in a book, or in some class of study, etc.

The importance, ultimately, is that it is known within you. It becomes the most significant part of your incarnation. It is that which is being withheld and dampened by the many different vicissitudes present on your plane today. Those on other levels and realities seek to keep this measure of darkness present on planet earth. The struggle has long been to break those ties and to self-realize your own divinity. Not a religion, but a divinity, in which you know the exact nature of who and what you are, and the possibilities of creation within each one of you.

This has not been a level of freedom easily given to all mankind. There are varying degrees and levels of reality, levels of intelligence, and levels of expression possible. But there are very few who have opened to this inner presence of your own Christ Consciousness. Many of you can think of things you would like to accomplish or achieve but have reasons why one way or another this becomes impossible or difficult or challenging. I would say the challenges are very often those things which would be increasing your abilities to bring more forth, but when there are impossibilities, everything stops in a given direction. It is not created. It is not brought forth.

It is now time for this to change. It has long been worked on, talked about, thought about, prayed about, asked about, even begged for at times, on your planet by individuals, by you, yourself, to encompass something far greater, if not for yourselves, then for humanity in general.

You are now seeing as many things play out on your planet that within levels of confusion very little gets accomplished. People do not know which direction to turn in next, or how to accomplish something that three days later will no longer be available. This is not a suitable condition. One we have long known was likely to unfold and that there would be many challenges coming along with it. I am not suggesting a total panacea for all of this overnight. It is a work in progress. But it is a work in progress. We are united together, as you and many of us have been, making possible the incarnation that I had which directed a new level of consciousness on your planet.

I am coming forth at this time because I am wanting to create a greater consciousness on your planet, and those who are willingly connected to be able to serve not only myself, but the many who are connected on the higher levels to now begin a new plan and enactment on Planet Earth. This will take place in many different areas. But first the connections must consciously be made allowing for energy and light to flow in this direction.

There has been, at an earlier point in time, those of you who have linked together in light and have chosen to support each other in a manner of loosely connected ideas and consciousness. Now, I would like to increase this and to strengthen those lines of light [between] those of you who are going to begin receiving a much greater intention from myself and those on the higher levels working with me.

It is a new tightening of your incoming energetic support and strength. It is a dividing line between the past of what has been and that which is coming forth. Many of you have thought about your incarnations, and particularly at this time, want to change the equation, for it is becoming harder to present yourselves as those standing strong and firm on this given plane. Greater levels of illness, perhaps interferences with your diet, food intake, lack of financial abundance, levels of singularity, complications in the way you are trying to manage your lives. We are needing to build together a stronger block to support each one of you.

Therefore, I have spent time with many of the masters who are a part of this overall plan. Thousands of people who have crossed-over to the other side, who have been part of a given reality in which they feel they did not create the greater extension and possibility on this planet while here are seeking to serve and help in some manner. For each one of you who wishes to be aligned and linked into this, you will be supported with what I will call the Christ Consciousness. This is your inherent reality and connection to the Source of your being. But it is an energy supported solely with the energy of love encasing it. So, you are not left with some sense of doubt as to who and what you are, or how you move into this world despite the many things going on.

At the same time there will be support in those beings on a higher level who will seek to serve and energize and promote your purpose on this planet at this time. Whether it is simply being a manager of what you are receiving for those around to recognize and gravitate to you, or you are to have some more complicated purpose within; these things are going to be more strongly supported.

It is a time in which the light needs to be affixed to your planet in a most purposeful and strong way. For those of you who joined in the meditation, it was very clear that I was standing in a field of daffodils. This energy is highly supportive and significant to that which is to open to this grander reality for which you have long sought, but have certainly doubted or no longer believe it is possible.

I am not discussing that everything you see around you, the ups and downs and difficulties happening for everyone around, is simply going to disappear. I am suggesting and saying you are going to know your deep inner connection and be able to live it in a pathway of fruition as you have chosen in terms of your service, in terms of your love, and in terms of that connection to Source that is going to be the greatest ally of your life. I am a part of this. I am directing energy specifically for everyone who suggests they wish to participate and be part of this given reality. Not everyone will do so. I understand. Whatever the choice is, it is appropriate for where you wish to be right now. But some of you are definitely seeking a much stronger placement within this world as the changes are occurring.

Now I would like to mention a couple of other things. If you look at the lifetime that I had that has been endlessly displayed in movies, in the Bible, in many passages quoted over time and endless discussions, it is important to recognize there were very many diverse energies at that time. Many were opposed to what I sought to do. That meant many of you who were supporting me, and certainly there are many others who are not listening here today, were also struggling with some of these energies that were not the friendliest toward your network of light which made possible the entire incarnation of my life.

These energies were diverse then; they still exist. Not everything has changed. You are here to uphold what was possible, what was brought in, and what will exist again. There will be a new bodily essence containing those energies brought forth by me long ago to come into each of you. This is a changing of what the world has long been seeking. It will take many years for this to reach a much more expanded potential. But we start somewhere. For those who feel so called, let us start together.

Let us recognize this world has long been attended by those of higher light as well as those seeking to divert it or use it in some regard. But it is no longer that which is to be accepted as the norm. This is the time, and has long been appointed to be so, that we will move in mysterious ways bringing forth what was unexpected, disbelieved, and ridiculed. I am linking with each one of you who seeks to be connected in this regard.

Yes, there may be some contentious things up ahead to deal with. There will also be the greatest level of support and strength. No one will be left unattended. No one is to be the sacrificial lamb. This is a time in which empowerment is to prevail for the light forces, for the men and women who have served on this planet, and choose to do so up ahead.

I am a part of this reality from long ago. I am a part of this reality today. An ascended state is potentially yours in a given form. I seek to hold you all in love. I know there will be some challenges ahead. No one will be without me regardless of what they are.

Mother Mary and myself are bridging enormous gaps in reality and working as a tandem team for what is ahead. She will discuss next week her portion, or her participation, in the times forthcoming. Hold onto your faith in yourself, toward your divine nature, knowing you are part of the Source, as I am, as she is, as we all are. The most important aspect is simply understanding how you choose to use that force on this planet and elsewhere.

My heart radiates a given energy to continuously support your given presence on this planet. Any moment of doubt, or questioning, or feeling unsure, or having specific questions, see me, but also, see my heart. The energy of all that I am, the energy of this higher consciousness, will be immediately projected to you. You need only ask for this to be present.

Each of you will be supported in these times forthcoming. Know this level of support allows you to move through change with far greater ease, less disruption, and less concern for your quality of life. It is being opened and freed, as opposed to minimized and lessened in some regard.

Throughout history mankind has sought ways to create these higher levels of reality, but they have very much been through certain battles, through concepts of winning, through competition, through religious orders, and a variety of other certain situations. Yet this has not yet been resolved. It is time for us to start engaging in this given time of energy that will allow for the opening to flower.

I place my heart in your hands. It is for you to decide how it shall be. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your lives, and your expression, and what you have brought to this planet. And thank you for your participation tonight. See me in your dreams, for I will be there. Thank you, good night. This is Jesus-Sananda.

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