Sheikh Horse Communication

My name is Sheikh.  I am a horse.  My time on earth has ended, yet I am present here with many animals who oversee certain aspects of life on this planet and elsewhere.  In some dimensions we can be seen as Unicorns, but rarely on earth.  I bring forth the following for you to consider:  Time on your planet is short for those who dismiss our significance.  We have carried people for eons of time – into war, to hospitals (of some sort or other), to represent militia, to winning on racetracks and to alleviate stress.  We have provided mankind with means of transportation before much else came into being in the latter centuries on earth.

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Healing the Heart

Dear Friends of the Light,

It is such an honor to be able to speak to each one of you. There have been many times in the past we have gathered. Most of you, at least in this room, are familiar with those times we did so, sharing our thoughts and heartfelt emotions. There are times this has been true on the higher planes with many of you as well, whether or not you consciously remember.

At this point in time, there is a great deal concerning me with respect to the energies present on your planet. When I say ‘concerning’ I would like to qualify that a bit, meaning it is of concern when you are not free within your hearts, when there is worry or perhaps a great deal of hesitation taking place for each of you singing your individual song.

It is within my particular energy field, auspices and attention to planet Earth that the wellbeing of humanity is a part of my given interest and where my attention lies. At the same time is my concern for the planet for she is a conscious awareness just as you are. There are times in which this planet expresses herself, yet remains unheard. I, too, speak to and for her as well as I do each of you.

The opening of the heart can happen in many different ways, and it lies within your realm and ability to do so. Yet there are greater and greater depths to the heart structure, and at times you move into levels of such depth they are barely expressible any longer, but merely known within your being as some mysterious element not yet come to the surface in terms of language you presently use.

The greater the depth you move into, the more understanding you will begin to have. At the same time you are not fully understanding, but continual probing in this area gives you the expansion to include a much greater aspect of your being and all of which you are part. If each one of you were able to tap into the very beginning of your connection into an individualized specimen or spirit or essence, you would recognize the connection you had with that which we term God or All That Is.

Rarely do you plunge to those great depths within your being. It is, however, a privilege to be able to speak about this and to offer you some greater thoughts about yourself, and ways to determine a much more expanded version of yourself. When this happens, the levels of consciousness deepen and your awareness and abilities to alter the reality you presently are in becomes heightened.

Now why would that be important? As you understand, there are situations occurring on your planet which are not in alignment with the Light. They are events that may have long been predicted to happen; they are events or situations which have been known would occur or the potential was there because of certain choices made. But it does not mean they are uplifting or are supportive of all connected to your planet.

When you are able to stretch and move into the depths of your heart, you begin to heal generations and eons of time in which there have been dents or bruises or altercations. Some you may have committed, and others you may have received, but nonetheless, leaving a mark on the consciousness and the evolution of your being. These are contained within the depths of your being and when they are smoothed over, when they are loved, when they are released, you become the expanded version of your mastery.

In that potential, in that reality and working toward that level of being, you will find you have the opportunity to make changes on your planet through your conscious efforts to engage the greater depths of this time you are in, whether it be an expanded version into Mother Earth, into Father Sky, into the depths and greater alignments in the Cosmos or whether it be for those people who live next door to you. All of this starts to shift and change and become much more of a magical reality as opposed to one which feels heavy and forlorn and perhaps forgotten.

So herein is where my concern lies: Not everyone is feeling free enough to create what is significant and important. Many of you have learned to work on the higher levels of mastery in terms of creating those things you wish to have in your life, but often, there are places within your being not yet healed, and therefore, block the connection into greater aspects of this particular world and further Light.

As you spend time moving into your greater reality, I would suggest you find these places in your heart and open the doors to the higher levels of mastery. This would presuppose you ask your inner being the questions I will pose in a moment. You have come to this planet to clear not only given misperceptions so present here and have been for a long period of time, but at other moments and times, you find you carry some of these misperceptions yourself. After all, you are part of the greater consciousness existing here. The way for you to expand or go beyond it is to go within your heart and find those places where love resides to such an enormous degree, all else is dwindling beside it, that all else is some lesser thought form or belief system or experience which pales in comparison to the enormity of the Light you carry.

Here is your gift and here is your truth. When you find this within yourself, do not go there in despair to say, “I do not know how to let this out” but rather, go there and evolve into the enormity of your being and say, “I am ready to be this expression on Earth. My time is here. I extend into the greater reality and support of all supporting me in the same frequency of love.” When you have encapsulated this fully within yourself, ask yourself the question “Why have I delayed so long, what more needs to be seen than this great love I carry and how best can I use it in my days ahead?”

Your love extends, each one of you, to me. I feel this and I know this and I see it vibrationally in each of you. I also see places that would, from my perspective, seem to have need of polishing, as if you are a brilliant vase of silver and gold and through eons of time, some places tarnished. I want you to buff any part of yourselves remaining unclear about who you are. Please ask your Higher Selves in meditation “What part of me remains unclear? Is there some way I have failed to shine? How does some of the perceived hurt limit my life?”

When you come to a conclusion about this, you can find there are times you are able to eradicate and erase hurts, just as if you had a polishing rag for tarnish — that can come freely off your being at this point in time.

It may not have been true 10 years ago, but we are entering — specifically this year — a new band of reality with an energy which will be supported on your planet as never before. An opportunity to clear away all the burnished places and heart ‘holes’ holding you back.

Part of this is the work done on your planet by many of you throughout the past number of years. Part of this is a shift energetically coming forth within the past month to illuminate and to present a greater frequency of Light you may call into your beings to harmonize and to alter what has been occurring for far too long. A complete cleaning is an opportunity for you to shine more brightly. As you do, you will begin to see ways in which you may utilise the energy supporting you toward other situations.

Each one of you has an opportunity to do this with respect towards Fukushima and what has happened in Japan. I would like to talk about this for a moment because there are many obstacles contained within this very difficult period of time you and others are facing on this planet.

What is occurring is a spreading of the energy not supporting life in any form on your planet. Interestingly enough, nuclear energy has been developed and utilized around your planet in so many places under the concept of supporting life, of providing energy, of functioning in some way allowing mankind to develop and move ahead further. But the reality is this is not the greater truth of this particular energy, for when the combinations thereof once unleashed contaminate and soil all things surrounding or nearby.

If you plunge into the depths of your reality — your connections throughout the history of time — you will recognize, most of you have been connected to Atlantis, and many of you to Maldek, and even some other situations further back, not yet remembered or known. There has been a great dysfunction which has created this type of format; it is one that needs to be healed in the same regard you would choose to heal your hearts.

For the planet this situation is before you. The destruction that happened is now contaminating parts of the West Coast of the United States while moving to other areas further south, and will be along the coastline of Central America, up further along the coastline of Alaska and into the North Pole area and across the country. This energy is pervasive. It is one disallowing the Light to shine through.

When you determine, each one of you, that you will go back within your hearts to heal an epic of time, an aspect when you were in Atlantis or in Maldek, you will find your abilities to heal what you carry will also support healing what is happening now on Earth.

There is going to be a great shift in reality. People are going to start waking up to what has occurred. There will be, on some levels, much greater fear coming to the surface because people do not understand anything about healing the reality before them. They count on the experts to know how to handle situations such as these. The experts do not know, but within your hearts, within your very beings, the healing of your own hearts will make a difference and allow for healing of this situation to come to the foreground.

We have, those of us who are on the higher planes, been supporting those of you on the Earth plane and generally, sending energy to keep alive much needed on your planet. It is important to recognize what is happening at the same time — that the loss of many of the animals and mammals and fish and other life forms is taking place and will continue until mankind is ready to move forward and to heal aspects of themselves.

At the same time, there is always generated a specific karma, and each of you recognize you have within yourselves your own measures of karma. This extends not only to you, but to your families and relatives and the towns you live in, and also the country you live in. Such is true as well for Japan. As you are thinking and working on your own hearts and times in the past, it is important to extend to the people of Japan and to this country a vision of forgiveness. It may be hard for some of you to do because you are watching scenes or pictures of things or hearing stories or beginning to get an inkling of ideas coming forth of destruction, but forgiveness is going to lighten the load and move through some of the density happening.

Many of you are going to be given ideas and thoughts and ways of generating energy and Light to this area of the world and to support, let us say, the suppression of this spreading much further. I would suggest these ideas are important and harmonious if they work well within your heart. Those of you working in this group who are sending light to the etheric pyramid created over Fukushima, will find a great level of support from those of us who will be beside you and accomplishing much of the same. You will be given additional pyramids in the same locale to fill and to complete. Then we will work on a whole new level of consciousness to be brought to this given area at this point in time. This will happen as the completion of the 3rd pyramid is undertaken there, and then a new concept and way of healing with Light will be brought forth.

For those of you seeking to assist at this point in time, please allow your hearts to heal, for forgiveness to prevail, and for love to extend to all manner of life from that particular country to the oceans and to yours if you are in the US and Canada. Additionally, there can be a great deal of energy supported by sending the pink light to the countries you feel are affected. This done continuously supports the energy of Love, which is a healing Light, a supportive Light.

I understand there are many times in which the Violet Flame is profusely supported and needed in this regard. It is always appropriate to utilize that each and every day or even 20 times a day. All things must know their original intention and essence; it is the love of all things which restores this to its inner harmony and cycle.

I am with each of you supportive of the work you accomplish and do. Anyone who sets an intention to understand, to know more and to bring forth greater activity with respect to this particular area of the world (or perhaps another where you have some greater measure of concern), please ask for my assistance to bring forth what you personally can evolve into doing.

Most important is what you are able to heal within yourselves. As you do this, you rise above that which is happening here; you rise above the overall consciousness, either not awakened yet or when it becomes awakened, can be more engendered in fear than love. Make it your effort and conscious attempt at this time. It will serve you well and it will serve those who are around you as well.

The times ahead are often difficult to imagine. See the Light shining over Japan. See the area as blessed. See it as loved and supported. See all that has been affected by this particular land being healed as a result. Many have died and more will die in this particular situation. They have attempted, with their own lives, to find solutions and to assist, knowing this effect would spread beyond their given area and land. We must support them on all levels — those who have crossed over, those who may be presently suffering, and those who are frightened and unaware as to what they can do next.

There are many elementals, nature spirits and beings seeking to work and harmonize what has happened. They are overwhelmed and unable to contain this by themselves. When you send love to this particular land, include them all, give them an opportunity for support, for your love, for your gratitude. It is a time in which all of nature must be evoked, but yet regarded and loved at the same time.

I would also suggest to you there is an energy created from the nuclear fission which occurs in these power plants around the world. Although this energy has a great deal of power to it, mankind has not learned how to handle this completely. It is one thing to start something and to utilize it, but quite another to understand how it can be dismantled and put to rest when needed. Those steps have never been carried out. They have never been fully understood, and they are disregarded by mankind far too often.

All your efforts in the future, if you have an opportunity to do so, should be toward moving away from nuclear power. This is a time in which the lessons of the past are to be learned. Many have disregarded these lessons. Many believe themselves superior in intelligence, and yet the truth is, this has not been resolved through intelligence. It will be attended to by those of you in the Light who utilize the higher energies to contain and to support and to regain a great deal of the healing long needed on planet Earth.

Within this disaster is opportunity. Opportunity for yourselves to remember, to heal and to be the masters you have long thought you were. You have always been the masters; much has just simply been forgotten. As you release and let go of what you carry, you will find your mastery returns and the ability to change this world comes forth.

I understand there are many different levels of attention and care, and many different levels to support. When you link to the Oneness of who and what you are, and you heal this, you are healing everything connected to you. That is your divine gift, that is your mastery and that is how we work with you on the higher planes.

I wish you well in this exercise. I support your dreams, your intention, and all that you do. It is always with my heart that all things become the true essence of life.

This is Hilarion. Thank you for today.

Hilarion is also saying to me as I am responding to a Question from the group:

What has been broken in all of us over time is a thread going back to much earlier times and is our level of Trust, because when we truly trust, we would be creating in a much different way. But because we have all had experiences where things we thought we were able to master have gone wrong in our world through mankind or whatever, we lose faith in humanity or lose faith in God, or lose faith in anybody looking out for us or lose faith in ourselves.

So he is saying, the source of all of this is about Trust and to remember and hold onto that, even if you have trouble going into your heart and asking some of the questions, you might just have the one question: “Where did I first lose trust?”

May 17, 2014

Channelled By Lois Hartwick

Dear Beloveds,

Despite the many disruptions happening on your plane at this time from weather anomolies, droughts, fires and winds in part of the Americas, there are blessings also. Have you noticed them? Have you seen or paid attention to the blessings each day which are before you? Perhaps you have consumed your day with worry or some fast-paced concentration which has devoured any blessings which might quietly enter in.

The size of the blessings will be increasing for they will have greater and greater energy behind them. Significant enough to remember or get through to you while in the midst of a busy day. Why so? Each time period on your earth is countered with disruption of one sort or another so efforts are needed for focus and continued belief in those small acts of kindness which engender more faith and hope. Now this time period has heightened activity in upheavals and disturbances to many lives, but the countering affects of light are potentially stronger when one stops to notice. The more this is the focus, the stronger the blessings. Oh, not only for one of you but for many around who will begin to feel somewhat better, perhaps knowing no reason why, yet the connection to each other remains, sharing blessings.

Blessings come from the Angelic realm and the Creator primarily, but all sorts of experiences and levels of support are available within the higher realms. Your specific guides, guardians, family members crossed over, Masters and members of hierarchy, Brotherhood of Light and a long list of ‘organizations and streams of consciousness directed to earth, all produce blessings and in some cases, miracles as well. Nature, too, has measures and ways of service in this regard, although there has been much greater interruption in these latter years by mankind using Nature as some inert presence suitable for the taking. The Nature Spirits also provide blessings in innumerable ways. Now that it is springtime in your part of the earth, the suggestion is to awaken to the blessings abounding, whether in some tiny measure or something enormous before you. The greater the focus in this direction, the smaller the disturbances become, and at some point, they disappear. Use the gifts of the mind in such positive ways as times are gearing up toward more confusion and unclear thinking. It will be an important practice and lesson for many to understand that focus on blessings simply creates more!

A. Gabriel

Etheric Pyramids

Channelled by Lois Hartwick
February 14, 2014

Dear Friends and Members of the Family of Light,

The enormity of change taking place on this earth is of immense proportion. In some cases, you may notice this in terms of your weather or certain shifts in earth changes and the like. In other instances you may see the difference in family and friends or perhaps your own life. What has been happening on earth is also happening to you personally, whether you fully recognize this or not. In some cases this has been over time and in others, it might be a major change which has come about rapidly.

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December 22, 2013

Beloved Ones, holy hearts, indentured no longer to a history and past which has not necessarily served each one of you throughout eons of time. You are coming into the bright Light of a new dawn. You are being welcomed because of your dedication, because of your confusion, because of your forgetting and because of your determination and a million other qualities you have held throughout time.

We have been watchful. We have stepped in at times. We have created great blankets of love to surround your planet that within a moment’s time are often transformed by some problems created through war or mistrust or lack of understanding. Yet we remain because we know this time of Light is here and approaching.

As this dawn comes into your lives, I want you to recognize each of you carries within your heart a special place to be ignited. Some of you may have felt this Light went out long ago while some of you may feel it does not exist any longer. Some of you are unaware of what it might be and others have felt “Well, perhaps one day I will feel differently but who knows when.”

This year is the dawning of a time in which this particular aspect of your being is to come much more into fruition. It may be in increments; it may be small; it may take time to grow, but it is the start of what would be akin, in some respects, to a passion, to a love, to an understanding that some way in the giant Cosmos of this reality, you are a piece of the puzzle and you carry this Light uniquely, individually, without question, without hesitation and without doubt. It is a time for the greatness of your being to be restored once again.

I am a part of this, and I have long been so, only now it is with great joy and pleasure I can say the momentum is building, the dawn is coming to fruition, the time is here. And just as you would think of the sun coming up over the mountains way far in the distance, it first sends a Light before it is even seen, and it takes time for this actual sun to build to the middle point of the heavens. It is not an instant in which this all happens, but it happens.

Carry forth what you are here to do, but know you are like the dawn. This will be the year of transformation. I am a part of this process with you. As many of you know, the Anchoring Light (meditation), which you have long been doing, has been part of the plan of Master Hilarion and myself for a very long period of time. It has been significant for your planet; it will be significant in a much greater way forthcoming.

The pyramid over Fukushima and several of the other places will prove to be significant and transformative. You may be asked to assist in a number of other ways as this year moves forward. I am hopeful you will find the design of life to your liking. It is a time in which I personally have much joy.

Please make your hearts available to me; I will support each and every one. I am sending blessings and love.

This is Gabriel.

July 28, 2013

Channelled by Lois Hartwick
(Part 4 of the “Four Masters” series of teachings)

Dear Friends,

I am coming to speak to all of you today because there are many changes upon the Earth plane you are going through, and I have witnessed in my own life that which you have read about, or will read about, some of you, in the book which mentioned many vicissitudes that I encountered throughout my lifetime, which was approximately 600 yrs in length. Although I have returned to the Earth plane briefly since then for some other situations, this has been primarily the main portion of my life and the choice in which I chose to accomplish and finish many different things.

I was part of a configuration of people who came forth to allow for this Master, Yeshua, to fulfil his destiny. I, as a part of that lineage, was here for it to become possible. At the same time it was very important each one of us fulfil a certain destiny or a given point in time in which we had agreed to accomplish and overcome many difficulties present for us as a conglomeration of points of light within a very difficult scenario and situation, for we did not ‘fit’. It was very much like having a round peg in a square hole; we did not fit all the parameters required for our existence at that point in time.

I notice many of you feel the same way today; not everything in your life is easy and comfortable or let’s say, matching in terms of finding the levels of reality and the people who are of a similar or like mind in all that you are doing.

So it is now an important time we are able to reorganise and recreate those connections we have had, both in this earlier time of which I speak, but also, in your time today because those of us who are connected in these levels of light and who have undergone a series of very specific initiations – whether consciously aware of such practice or not — takes us to a certain level and significant connection point that creates a level of starlight allowing for transformations to occur on this planet. So who and what I was or we were at that given point in time mean these connections must be activated and regenerated once again. They have never died but they have gone through many incarnations where the need or the time was not appropriate for a new, up-sparking or upliftment to occur on this planet.

Now that time has come forth. It has been long predicted and you know there are many here with a variety of missions and agendas. The same is true many of us carry within our hearts an individual mission. But how does it get sparked? How does it get engaged? Where does it get supported, and where does this light come from so needed at this point in time?

I would say to you it is with the understanding we carry, many of us who have not reincarnated but are now working with you, to build the bridges to create within your own physical beings the opportunities where you are stepping out and becoming more, let’s say, ‘sparked’ in your hearts. In some cases this can be a very exciting and invigorating process. In other cases, as you well know, there are times in which you are moving ahead in one regard or another, but it means leaving certain things behind which have been a part of your life. It is not always so easy to do so because those may be the very physical manifestations of a support system you have become used to. Some of these changes are coming at what you would consider a cost to your heart. And yet you are here with the very precise reason for this to come into your being and for this movement to come up ahead or to come into your being now.

It is, therefore, my fondest wish to be able to speak to you and to share that part of my life , not only about supporting a system and a legacy so needed in your history, but also, to unfold within myself an ongoing process creating what is inherently part of the spiritual nature of one’s being, while at the same time, diminishing to some degree, the material aspects of one’s being. In other words, there is a movement from, let’s say, the personality self moving into the higher realms of one’s being, into what you would call the I AM PRESENCE. That becomes a dictate or an embracement of a part of yourself which is sparking light on this planet. If the personality is saying “I don’t like this – and I’m not going here – and so and so said this – or this is just too difficult – and I can’t understand why I’m asked to do that, etc. – if you are into, perhaps I could say complaints, or simply the lesser part of your being entertaining thoughts of the personality’s perspective, it is much harder to create and generate and spark in the way that you are intended.

So my understanding comes from your classes and what you have done as a group, both here and expanding out to others. For many on this planet who have done a considerable amount of work, it is now time for this higher aspect of self to come into one’s being in a much more completed and full sense and to be letting go of that part of self named the personality, which has taken you through this lifetime; the part making decisions about whether you will have fish tonight or chicken, that part that has preferences, likes and dislikes and moving instead into the aspect which is an expanded self of light coming forth and does not delineate in terms of a judgement or choice in quite the same way.

As you are able to bring more of this in, you will find the sparks of light begin to create an entirely new webbing around your planet. This movement is into a new level of reality so when you meet and find each other, you will recognise who and what you are. No longer will you be layered in some area of likes and dislikes, satisfaction and dissatisfaction. It will supersede that.

It was for us at these early times to undergo these very strong personality situations and also encounter many challenges, and in some cases called initiations, which we had to overcome and still find within our being some way to manage what the higher reality would be, the grander truth, that essence of ourselves seeking to carry us through. It is as if we were rowboats, but we all had our own individual sail, and we needed that for our direction, for our way to manifest and move throughout this lifetime.

Now you have come to a point in your own lives in which you are saying “I am here and I am seeking what is called or referred to as Ascension,” but that Ascension is finding a greater light within yourself as Yeshua found within himself, this light body, the truth of his being becoming manifested before all of us on this planet. We learned in those moments, even in our sorrow and sadness of losing him, or our perception of losing him, that he was in a grander place; that his compassion extended to all of us, yet he was no longer dragged down into the lesser qualities of mankind. Instead, he was able to see them, to recognise them, to point out specific things whilehe allowed us to move into our greater aspects ourselves.

It did not mean we did not have our trials or we were not tested or at times we were lost from each other, one going here and another going there, but what was maintained was this light body connection and in that, we were able to traverse the Earth, to connect with anyone else we longed to be with.

It is now your turn to understand that all of us, who spent so many years working on this process, that all of us are you. We can be with you in a moment and many of you are aspects of who and what we are as well. Those times and those connections are now here for you to equally rise up, to equally be connected, to find the greater aspects of yourselves and know we are a part.

Very often when you think about the process occurring around this planet, and although it is not on your doorstep with those you see around you most often, you still can travel the ends of the Earth and find another seeking a similar reality as you are. When you understand and when you recognise these people and these situations, you are seeing a mirror of yourself but you are seeing as well mirror of heaven, a mirror of those of us working at the same time, the same level, in the same way for these divine connections interlinked around the world. As you are doing so, you start to alter the reality of this planet.

There are so many who are leaving, who have not been able to move into this direction at this time, and some who have completed a great deal and no longer need to be part of this process. But you came here seeded with a mission, and it is here where our hearts meet for I am no different; I was no different. What will be brought forth in the times ahead will be because of what that seed is in your heart.

When you go home tonight, meditate on the seed within your heart. Ask what it contains, for it to unfold and unfurl and give you a picture of what is ahead, what is significant, what is your purpose? Your meditations are never alone. They are entrusted to the Silent Ones who watch and join with you, simply to bring forth greater energy and power into that which you are seeking to know. It is no different in making the connection between myself and yourself, between Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and Joseph and the many many ones you have heard of and the many others you have not. We are linked together for eternity, and we are part of the fabric of this level of reality.

There will be a point in time in which we move beyond this and the same will be true for you, but it will not be until we are united together. When that time comes, there will be a completion of this planetary measure, and the new movement and creation will be begun again together. We have long been united. There is great love that moves between the realms. Open your hearts to feel this, to know our presence, to know there is no difference in time and space.

I send you love and I hold out my hands in an appeal that you reach out and grab mine and say we are linked together once again. I am so grateful to have you back in my world.

I am Anna, Grandmother of Yeshua. Thank you for listening to me.

Question (E): I came in very late and missed most of this so I just hope that my question is not something perhaps that was already covered. I would like to just say what a wonderful pleasure it is to hear and to share Grandmother Anna’s love and wisdom, I think many of us as Essenes, Magdalenes, Disciples, obviously I can’t wait to hear the whole of this message but I just wanted to say I am so happy to hear you and to feel you so close and to remember, to begin to remember. I wanted to ask, so many of the Masters, of the teachings, talk about the Masters who will return in the coming times. Will you Grandmother Anna, are you already planning to come back, are you already here perhaps in aspect, may I ask that?

Anna: You may indeed ask that. And I would say that in some aspects I am present in this incarnation, and I would say in other aspects there will be many returning from the perspective they are able to fulfil a destiny within bodies already present on this plane. But there is a combining on a higher level with the energies of those who are present but have reached or attained a certain level. So for example, I could say to you E, when you reach a certain level so an aspect of myself is able to come in vibrationally and to enact with your being no longer involved in a personality level but merely a form of light and to utilise your physical being from time to time so that I may walk in a given pathway or presence knowing there is some work to do. Then that part of me, of myself, may be withdrawn or be receded to some degree so that higher aspect of you is also doing the same. So in some respects there will be a use of physical bodies in a double manner, and it’s possible even in a triple manner in a few select cases, up ahead.

Yes, there will be those who will be incarnating, some who have very specific abilities and will be part of a new level of children coming to this planet. They will be receptive to these energies so closely akin to what was presently here at an earlier time. You, as a person, would not be able to see the difference. There will be opportunities, indeed, for those of us in incarnation and some of the Masters, many who have not yet come into incarnation, who are also able to manifest for periods of time from the higher realms into this planet as we get to a space where there are frequencies uplifted enough to be able to maintain energy for them to be present. So yes, there are many different ways that this will happen. I hope that is helpful.

(Thank you, that was beautiful, thank you.)

Question (J): I have a question. Hi, this is J. I read the Anna books, especially the first book which was such a deep connection and a bond of all their experiences, and when they discussed in the book how Anna could increase her longevity, the system that was explained in the book sounded really … felt familiar to me although my conscious mind doesn’t know how to do it, so that’s how they, you got the life for 600yrs by going through that process. Are we going to go through that process now to help us keep regenerating, or are we even in need of that, will we just walk the Earth for a long long time?

Anna: There are many things that need to be taught and remembered in this process; it has not been one easily handed down because there have been those who have sought to cut away that level of information. There are very distinct reasons this has been done. Now, more information will begin to come forth up ahead and new practices will be entertained. It will be quite obviously an individual choice, but again, I would suggest to you as you go into your meditation and you examine the seeds within your heart, you may find some of you are guided in ways you would not have normally expected, at least your personality self.

So if, indeed, for some reason you are called to live a life much longer, if, indeed, you are guided or feeling that this is a process you are choosing or wanting to undertake, there will be new information provided. There may be some very distinct practices one must undergo to accomplish this. We certainly had to work through a number of initiations and a number of years of training to alter and change, not only the physical body, but there were times in which there were situations in our lives you would call draining. As they are draining, they start to take away vitality and life force, and you can easily lose the momentum and perhaps, the elasticity needed for your functioning. As you realise, most people as they begin to age are not in the realm of flexibility they once were in so this becomes an inherent part you must look at and allow to release. At the same time there are certain pieces within your own given blueprint that will need to be altered because you are now at a point in time and ready to do so if that is in your conscious mind and plan to change.

(Ok, I guess we’ll know it when it comes …)

Lois: Well, part of what I was talking to the group about before is that I am feeling some of the information, some of the channellings will be about regeneration (up ahead).

J: Great, that whole concept and idea is so vibrant, it’s alive so it’s got a spotlight on it, so I know it’s something we need to pay attention to.

Lois/Anna: And it may also be, this is part of what the teachings have already been about whether you have paid attention to or not, for example going into the Akashic records: let’s assume that you go into your Akashic records, look at your blueprint and see that you died at age 83. Well, if you are intending to have a different outcome, it might be important for you to understand what that pinpointed designated time is and say, “Ok I am going to expand that.” You might say I’m expanding it 20 yrs more to 103 yrs of age.

Recognise there are many others who will never do this, and as I experienced, you too, will experience, outliving your children, outliving some of the friends and the neighbours and the kind of life and world you are used to. There are many experiences such as this so you must be willing to undertake in what that expansion implies.

(OK, thank you.)

Anna: I am reminded that within our construct, regardless of length of life or how we played out all of the dynamics between us, it was Love that maintained the very fabric of our existence. This is the most significant thing I can offer you at this time. Not only do I have that for each of you, but it is for you to have for each other and for the many you meet or are connected with who are part of this complete, let me just call it, ‘soul group’ at the moment. We are a specific group of people here to invite a new level of reality to come forth and we do that through Love.

Therefore, I love each and everyone.

Thank you. This is Anna.