December 22, 2013

Beloved Ones, holy hearts, indentured no longer to a history and past which has not necessarily served each one of you throughout eons of time. You are coming into the bright Light of a new dawn. You are being welcomed because of your dedication, because of your confusion, because of your forgetting and because of your determination and a million other qualities you have held throughout time.

We have been watchful. We have stepped in at times. We have created great blankets of love to surround your planet that within a moment’s time are often transformed by some problems created through war or mistrust or lack of understanding. Yet we remain because we know this time of Light is here and approaching.

As this dawn comes into your lives, I want you to recognize each of you carries within your heart a special place to be ignited. Some of you may have felt this Light went out long ago while some of you may feel it does not exist any longer. Some of you are unaware of what it might be and others have felt “Well, perhaps one day I will feel differently but who knows when.”

This year is the dawning of a time in which this particular aspect of your being is to come much more into fruition. It may be in increments; it may be small; it may take time to grow, but it is the start of what would be akin, in some respects, to a passion, to a love, to an understanding that some way in the giant Cosmos of this reality, you are a piece of the puzzle and you carry this Light uniquely, individually, without question, without hesitation and without doubt. It is a time for the greatness of your being to be restored once again.

I am a part of this, and I have long been so, only now it is with great joy and pleasure I can say the momentum is building, the dawn is coming to fruition, the time is here. And just as you would think of the sun coming up over the mountains way far in the distance, it first sends a Light before it is even seen, and it takes time for this actual sun to build to the middle point of the heavens. It is not an instant in which this all happens, but it happens.

Carry forth what you are here to do, but know you are like the dawn. This will be the year of transformation. I am a part of this process with you. As many of you know, the Anchoring Light (meditation), which you have long been doing, has been part of the plan of Master Hilarion and myself for a very long period of time. It has been significant for your planet; it will be significant in a much greater way forthcoming.

The pyramid over Fukushima and several of the other places will prove to be significant and transformative. You may be asked to assist in a number of other ways as this year moves forward. I am hopeful you will find the design of life to your liking. It is a time in which I personally have much joy.

Please make your hearts available to me; I will support each and every one. I am sending blessings and love.

This is Gabriel.

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