Council of Native American Chiefs

Council of Native American Chiefs

With Sitting Bull and Tyberonn at the Longhouse


As some of you might remember, I received a channeling from a Native American council held just before Jan 6, 2021, when the Capitol Building in Washington was attacked. When that channeling came through, we were not told what was to happen, but the weight and nature of it was serious.  It was Tecumseh who spearheaded this session for us.

Now, a year and a half later, I am guided once again to channel another Council meeting to take place of equal importance only a short while before the fires of Hawaii, yet I believe this is not the real issue before us. This Council is lead by Sitting Bull with the surprise accompaniment of Tyberonn.

Sitting Bull: Greetings. This is a solemn occasion. We take events on this planet with seriousness. Our work is very much continuing from the other side in an ongoing manner, seeking to reveal methods of peace, harmony, and caretaking for the Earth. This last portion is a very important aspect for all of us. We are seeking to complete a very long journey of thousands of years in which Native Americans and people of all different colorations and ethnicity who have been pushed from one corner of this planet to another. In so doing, they have had to find new means and methods to survive, for the old ones may have disappeared in leaving one land for another. One area for a different one. One method of survival in terms of food for something else.

We pay attention to the movements and what is happening on your planet. We have long been caretakers of this planet. We have accepted that role. Have determined our fates. Have withstood the tide posed against us. Have welcomed Great Spirit to enable us to move forward with our very purpose and meaning. We carried this with us when we crossed over. Obviously, that was a lengthy time period for none of us left simply in one moment of time but over many moments and years.

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