archangel gabriel

I Am One With Thee At All Times

AA Gabriel through Lois Hartwick

I request the Heavenly Dimension
Where Love pervades all things;
I request my connection and my presence
Within this energy at all times.
Please guide and hold my hand
As I move through life
In this enlightened state
I am One with Thee at all times.

Saying that with regularity will shift much of what you are going through. It does not mean that you are not seeing other things as I said, but where you reside in your being will be greatly altered. None of this is to say that you do not carry love in your hearts, but it is to say that this opportunity and this realization will dispel those moments of despair, unforgiveness, of doubt, of questioning, of illness and times in which you think, ‘I will just give up.’

These are part of the human condition. All must pass through these moments and times in given lifetimes. We are coming to the end of that paradigm. Many will continue to hold it, but you have an opportunity to understand and see that this is the beginning of holding the greater truth.

I remind you of this today; I remind you of who you are, and I remind you of what is possible. This is to go beyond the world of limitation. Sharing with you are the words that carry a vibration in communication. These are to trigger and open new places within your codes and being.

Accept the alignments of your potential. I welcome each one of you here.



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