Private sessions are approximately 1 hour in length. In some cases, there are questions before or after our session which makes our time together a bit longer. I allow an extra 15 minutes for such circumstances. A channelled session is generally with Master Hilarion, but there are times where this may not be the case. There are often requests for St. Germain, Sananda, Thoth or Kuan Yin. Sometimes a particular master or guide aligned with the client comes through instead, or the client wishes to speak directly with one of their guides known to them, but not necessarily to me before we start. Those requests should be made in advance as I meditate to connect to the desired being of Light prior to starting our session as a rule. Occasionally, during a session someone else comes in who might be someone close to the client who has crossed over or possibly another guide seeking to express some personal connection, and so forth. I rarely work specifically for those who have lost someone that has crossed over, but when I do, because of the emotional content, I prefer that client to be here in person. Otherwise, sessions can be wherever the client may reside via phone, free conference calling, Skype, in-person. I am located on the East Coast of the U.S. The biggest consideration most often are the various time zones.

Prior to each reading, it is helpful for the client to have a focus as to what’s important to get out of their session. Often many things are brought up, and the original intention can be overlooked or put to the end when time is short if not stated initially. All sessions are recorded on my end (not yours) and put into an MP3 and sent to your email afterward.

Sessions are $175 and payment for them is due before our scheduled time together. This can be via a good check or through PayPal by paying below. It’s helpful if you include your intended focus of the reading. Please contact me to set up a time.