Mother Mary in the World

Channeled and Edited by Lois Hartwick
Transcribed by Sandra Pock
March 26, 2017

This is an enormous pleasure for me to be able to greet each one of you—many of you, in terms of the meditation, (refers to meditation prior to this message), but for all of you who are present at this moment in time—for the energy that will be shared from myself and those of us, who are working in concert with the opening of new doorways this spring and are directing that energy not only to you, but through you to others. This was mentioned earlier and is accurate.

There is a time in each life in which there is an opportunity to take a much greater step into one’s evolution and recognition of the truth of their own being. This is something probably not spoken about very often. But it is something I would like to share, for today we are coming to a place in which the changes are inherently upon the Earth. Not just in an individual person’s life, not just in a given country, but upon your planet. Within these changes there is an energy so profound, you are able to make an enormous change within your own given station in life.

I do not mean that as a position in terms of your job, or perhaps your ranking in a family, or necessarily the way you are positioned financially. But within your being to incorporate an enormous expansion of self in which the human becomes more enlightened as to the dimensional frequencies concurrent with where you are. Within that given reality and potential comes the opportunity to change what may be within the given reality you have been in because it is now clear as to what the potentials are and once again, how to use this energy coming forth.

You have all heard and looked at the way the world has been and many of the things which have been a part of prophecy not only from myself but others. Some of that prophecy has been hidden away and not put out to the general public. Some of it was meant to be displayed in a much larger way. But what it really contained and meant was there was a time in which one no longer looked to religion in the same way as the answers or guideline to your path.

That great understanding at one point would begin to open within one’s being like a flower, sometimes happening very quickly. This would be the guiding light where many would become, as one religion might call, saints, and, another might call, evolved citizens or prophets or seers.

There is this time now coming forth for you to awaken and to realize who you are. If I were to say that I came to the planet and embraced another physical body as I had many times in the past, and I had no level of awareness of my deeper connections and my expansion in the universes and to God, what would happen at some point would be tiny increments or awakenings that would come to me. Those I may or may not reject, depending on the type of life I was living. Happily, as you know me and in my experience, I was embraced enough to be able to hold onto that level of awareness of my being and my connections.

But this has not been so easy for many of you. It has not been the pathway existing with this kind of light and opportunity because there have been energies which have either been veiled or clouded over, or perhaps simply blocked, from that greater state of consciousness.

In speaking earlier it was brought forth about this gap. Well, let me just say that this is an opportunity to suddenly see more coming forth and more of your own inner awareness starting to perk up, to awaken, to grow, as the flowers will this spring, and for you to begin to hear within a newer sense of knowing from your divine connection.

This is not a knowing you need proffer with some measure of doubt. It is instead a new experience where you will suddenly have moments of clarity in which you can move forward and know that you are in concert with those of us who are working and standing with you, who are projecting an energy toward you because you are now at a point in which opening begins to occur.

Most of you here, and others as well, have had enough awareness to accept with gratitude this connection from our hearts, and from this universe, and from the Source, which is going to exceptionally enhance your position and time on this planet.

These messages, perhaps spoken differently at another time, were known. Yet these messages were hidden because it would not serve those who sought to create institutions which would then tell you how to live, how to think, and how to be absolved of your sins, or how to live on this planet. More and more understanding will start to grow within.

These understandings will come from great wisdom. This wisdom will have to do with your own being through many incarnations. It is not only that, because on the higher levels, you are tapped into this expanded energy that is going to be directed to each one of you. So what filters in will be this equivalent of the wisdom of the ages of your given planet and that beyond.

Many will come to serve and to assist. It is accurate this is a new beginning. You will start to allow for this energy to disseminate within your beings and in short order, extend into your field and the areas around you. You will be able to take this energy and project it to various situations on your planet, as you often ask us to do, because it is always felt that this is a higher energy, a higher frequency, an answer to a prayer. We have chosen to serve in this regard for so long. There is no dissemination of that, but now there is the opportunity that you may ask yourselves, your own prayer, for this energy, of which you are a part to now, starts to interface with your planet and given situations that you would once have prayed for us to do.

Always it has been spoken about as a time of ascension, as a time of awakening, a time of the Golden Age and peace upon your planet. It is not there yet. It has not occurred because it is within those of you who are now ready to receive such energy and opportunity to begin disseminating it on your planet in the interactions and the daily occurrences that you have, within your thoughts, and your own given prayers, your meditations, and your attentions to some of the higher potentials on this planet.

But now you will begin to carry this energy and be able to do so. This then is, indeed, the beginning of transformation. The opportunity, for all you have sought to accomplish and do, will now be presented before and within you in this given time. There may be times in which you will need to request assistance for further balance between the energies and what you have been in what is coming forth, mingling with your own physical structure.

Do allow for our assistance. Do ask for your specific guide or angel or higher self to accompany you on this journey and to assist so the river of energy flows smoothly into your being—not hitting rocks, not flooding, not overcoming your very being. This is not necessarily likely as you have done much, but nevertheless, it is an important thing to remember. You are seeking to maintain the most positive levels as you walk ahead in this time forthcoming.

This is not something that those you encounter necessarily will understand. You recognize there are those in your world who are able to project energy in one form or another, perhaps through Darshan, or other encounters or means. Perhaps manifesting things such as you would see Yogananda and others do.

All of these are opportunities to awaken to the potential of what is possible. Now you will be awakening more to the possibilities within yourself that perhaps you at times, have longed to be able to do. And at other times marveled that something may happen with this one or that one creating some miraculous events seemingly, but not anticipating you might accomplish within yourself something similar.

There will be some testing within your being at times trying to figure out what this means or that means, or how do I accomplish this because not all occurring immediately unfolds nor the entire picture clear. But there are increments and more and more begins to come in. Fear not that which you are capable of becoming and doing. You were told long ago by Jesus-Sananda you could do all that he accomplished and did, and more.

Accept what is possible. Do not fret or let yourself feel that if something does not happen immediately as you are seeing a potential that somehow you have failed. This is a new time and a new beginning. Although you may have been familiar and part of some of this energy on a higher level during an incarnation in-between being present on earth, it does not mean that has so easily been brought forth, that it has become a process you know easily within the third dimension. These varying levels and new energies are needing to have processes of integration.

It is with great hope and humility I speak to you of these thoughts and ideas today because there are those changes which are known and foreseen and will be imbued within you. Each of you has an opportunity to accept or reject as little or as much as you so desire.

There is no mandate here. Nothing is saying you must do one thing or another. It is as if you are being handed a gifted present, tied in a bow. You may open it and look at it and say, “This is what I have dreamt about for years.” Or you can say, “No thank you, this doesn’t fit where I am at this time.”

There are momentous things which will be occurring. In many cases you have been prepared for an upheaval on your planet. The intention and the thoughts which have been brought forth about this have relayed many things must be brought down before they can be rebuilt. While you see this, you also are able to recognize there is great confusion and concern as to what these situations unfolding are meaning.

Let it be you carry the light of transformation. Let it be that you are able to demonstrate the enormous potential in-between the thoughts of fear and worry. This does not need to be the prevailing energy of earth any longer. So many have imbued this on the planet and kept it in their beings because the nature of survival has overtaken each of you, or many of you, by storm. The potentials have not then been seen.

So here is what I would ask: That each of you seeking to move into this greater realization work with me in at least one meditation. Allow for me to transmit greater energy so that within you, the fear does not prevail, but the opportunity and the expansion does. You will be called to assist and work in many ways.

This is not something which should be a difficulty, or even a hint of that, in the way I am presenting it. But rather, imagine you are able to receive from those of us working in this regard an enormous blessing flowing out from you to others around, especially when there are times of trouble and difficulty—not only calming the waters, but bringing in what would be most helpful, an opportunity in some regard.

This has not been felt on your planet in any larger way until the opportunity is presently here. This does not mean thousands and thousands of people are necessarily embracing this all at once. There will be those of you who will be the forerunners. But this opportunity expands and light starts to come forth on this planet as was deemed so long ago, and it will, in years hence, usher in the times you carry within your hearts as a potential of what this world can be.

I am birthing this energy in each of you so requesting it. This is a time in which new beginnings and potentials for the new you has come into being. It is also the potential for us long awaited.

I am happy to deliver this message to you today. It is long been a time of some question and perhaps some challenge to see the levels of suffering and pain which had been propagated by mankind upon each other on earth. Now let it be a time in which love takes its place.

I will see each of you when you choose to connect with me and express what your heart has to say, and I will put forth mine to all of you. There is never an end to love. Far too many of you have undergone experiences where there has been a voice to share a loving heart only to find the next day, the next month, the next ten or twenty years or whatever it is, that suddenly that love is not there, not expressed in the same way anymore or turned to something else.

That is not the love being brought to each of you. It is the never-ending love of which you are a part. It is of my heart, of Jesus-Sananda, of the many you have connected with, and of the very Source of which you are a part.

I look forward to being in your hearts and working for the changes up ahead. We are now able to think about the potential healing occurring on your planet so absent in many ways for so long. You are embraced as my children, and yet you are my equals, and my sisters, and my friends. There is nothing but love in my heart for all of you.

Thank you for calling in. Thank you for hearing me. Thank you for knowing who and what we are. This time is beginning, and I have long awaited each one of you.

Thank you my Beloveds.

This is Mary.

Other Mother Mary Channelings

We sometimes weep together, perhaps not knowingly, but we do, seeing what people have forgotten about each other and how to form the vowels and consonants of a simple word of LOVE.

We come to the surface of a new time. It is a time that I have long awaited and sought, yet so often I see the sadness generated here reaching this time. And it does make me weep. I know you share this and I feel it in my heart, a moment in time in which you see some expression in your world that does not match the truth and the expression of what you came to give and do. It was sometimes hard being one who saw these things on your planet and yet, knew my role was to consistently see well beyond all of it.

Now it is your role. It has your face upon it and your heart within the expression. Call on me whenever you need greater strength, support or levels of remembrance so you move through what may be standing before you that is not a picture of beauty, but some other configuration not needed any longer on your plane.

We have agreed, all of us, to do more, to Love with what we know and the truth of who and what we have been, and are. It is time to reconnect and for you to remember I share with you the greatest expansion of my heart possible.

I embrace you all, almost as if Mother Goose is embracing all the children. It is perhaps a silly analogy, but at times I wish you to know my Love is to comfort all of you, for you to remember and move ahead with what we all carry together.

I am also a part of Easter because in what was shown or believed at that period of time, was a great dismissal of a human life and of other human lives, and how this message was carried out brought many to weep. It is not what was given as the truth or the reality then, but it is what was seen and believed to be reality. And so this has been carried down throughout the ages.

It is now time to open your eyes, to look beyond that which is seen, to know within your hearts the greater truths and to live them with each of us, Jeshua and myself, standing beside you.

Let us walk together this path we chose long ago. Let us carry that which we said ‘Yes’ to at that time.

Remember always, the love of the Creator expands in you at this time of year. Keep it intact, but expanding, and knowing I AM ONE with each of you, beloveds.