The Sounds of Music

Channelled by Lois
August 30, 2018

Beloved Friends of Light

Carry forth those very strong energies you have to uphold: The configurations of light within your being. There are those who will challenge them, but you are seeing a new change is coming forth. Although you do not necessarily see them, they are heralding a new time which will be coming in to your planet. Those who have caused much disruption will be placed in an arena which will care the same for them, whether they fight or simply accept this and the blame.

The earth is moving toward a newer and higher positionality, and you will find that many things are stirred up as a result. Yet each of you is able to acquiesce the light every day. Please remember that the source of your doing so is also the source of your existence. In maintaining light or slightly increasing this day by day, you are creating a ripple effect in your world. Yes, it may prove there is some dismissal of what has been, but it also allows for something new to be constructed and/or created.

The Fall will issue some sharp warnings to those not paying attention. Yet, for those who are and embracing a higher frequency, there is a combined higher effort to support you and hold you near and dear in this energy. It does not eliminate change, but it will support and balance you ahead. Take heart that the Equinox this year is very transfigurative and opens some unexpected doors toward further movement in higher frequencies. Your work will support this although happening nevertheless.

I am one who counters many things with light. I wish for you to keep within your hearts the sounds of music, for it will soothe you ahead, and know there is love which fills your being in times where you are almost unware this has come forth. The dire situations some of you have faced, (or seemingly so) are going to dissipate after this time of year for what is a newer strength you have not seen before, or if so, of a lesser nature. New strength toward enforcing what is a level of being on your planet which has long been sought, but little contained. Now a new change comes with the freshness of this energy.

I want you to understand that the masters and myself and many others of galactic persuasion are drawing closer in intention. Our energies are higher than have been felt before. The changes will be palatable. Most helpful for all of you to embrace them, to call them in each day, or us as well. You will be given help to leap over obstacles and much that has been put before you. A re-righting occurs such as you have not seen before. This is the start of a new time you will be facing late October.

I Am of service