Ongoing Teachings

with Lois Hartwick

Late Fall 2023 Schedule
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Feb 18St. Francis (completed)
Feb 25'Money to Sustain Life' with St. Germain
Mar 3'Health for Longevity' with Hilarion
Mar 10'Prayer and Holiness' with St. Catherine
Mar 17'An Overview' with Kuthumi
Mar 24'Attending the Temple' with Serapis
Mar 31'Remembering' with Jesus
Apr 7'Scroll Study and Initiation' with Melchizedek
Apr 14'New Crystalline Energies Incorporated and Prep for Trip' with Thoth


All classes are on Sunday evening.

Meditations at 6pm ET
Channelings at 7pm ET

Should you choose to join in, contact me to discuss this meditation practice with a focus on balance.

Payment by Check or PayPal

All classes remain the same in pricing.  $25 per class or $225 for the full series. For those wishing transcripts (an additional $5), it would $30 for a single class and $270 for the full series.

Single Class – $25 – PayPal | Check
Single Class with Transcription – $30 – PayPal | Check
9 Classes – $225 – PayPal | Check
9 Classes with Transcription – $270 – PayPal | Check

All payments can be made to PayPal or by good check. Ask for address.

Private Readings

Private readings are available. Contact Lois to schedule or any questions you may have.


For those familiar with holographic work who would like to join our meditations focused or areas in our world facing disruptions, please be in touch.  We could always use more helping in this regard. This is work similar to that offered by Alton Kamadon when he was here and we use variations offered through Thoth, often changing weekly.  Prayers for light and peace so needed this year ahead whether joining us or not.

In Loving Memory

Beloved Martha returned to the Oneness July 13, 2019. She will be missed by the entire group more than words can say. We send love, Martha, to you always. Lois

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Free Anchoring Light Meditation

Our World Service meditation, Anchoring Light, begins one hour prior to the channeling.

If you’re interested, click here to learn more about it.

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Anchoring Light Meditation

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THE AIDS REVOLUTION: A Spiritual Perspective

with Freddie Mercury, Masters Thoth and Hilarion
channeled by Lois Hartwick

Freddy Mercury

Beloved darlings of light ~

I come to you with a happy and full heart today, although I must say it has not always been that way. At least there has been enormous transition that has taken place in my spirit and soul. When I came to move through this dynamic of having this illness, I knew music would be my salvation. I did not know consciously it was because it had a specific vibration I was able to bring into my being day after day after day, even though I was experiencing levels of depression or pain or a variety of changes within my body I did not want to see or go through, that music became the sole drive to take me through this given situation.

Because of that, I had in some ways a much better experience than many others. On the other hand, there was much judgment placed upon me and people endlessly seeking some story for the newspapers, for the media, for the gossip columns, so that I became such an object of pursuit and not in a happy and joyous fashion. This in and of itself became a greater effort for me to hide, and at some point I did not choose to face the public as I was.