Healing and Initiations

With Masters Hilarion, Serapis Bey and Thoth

An 8-part Series (via teleconference)
Every Sunday 7:00 PM EDT(except Easter)
April 2, 2017 - May 28, 2017

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This 8-class series (delivered via teleconference) will see a continuation of some work with Hilarion on healing aspects, and preparation from Serapis Bey for actual initiations, which are part of an ascension process. Much of this is related to the ancient mysteries in modern day, contrasted with the contemporary outpinnings of a society headed in another direction. Guidance by both Thoth and Serapis will be exploring mysteries toward greater expansion of light and awareness leading toward such initiations. Serapis comes to us from the temples and past association as an ancient priest administering such activations and presentations for Initiates who are ready for the next step. Rarely has he offered this in a more public venue.

There are combined forms and techniques toward healing, clearing, letting go, increased frequencies and particularly activations necessary for the new level. This is, more or less, a preparatory course while at the same time it incorporates where those who sign up are today in their path. Meditative homework will be presented and discussion of specific issues at hand by participants.

The series includes MP3's of all 8 teleconferences. Transcriptions of the live teleconferences are available by midweek for $5.00 each; $40.00 for the eight.

Sign up Information ~ Click on the title, Healing and Initiation and scroll down to payment options; cost is $200.00 for 8 classes. If you wish to try out the classes prior to enrolling, you can sign up for the first one individually; then pay $175.00 for the rest. You can also go to the Returning to the Oneness website and use the navigation bar. An email with a teleconference number will be provided after payment is received and prior to class.

A Spiritual Perspective

Freddy Mercury

with Freddie Mercury, Masters Thoth and Hilarion
channeled by Lois Hartwick

This beloved Master, Chohan of the 5th Ray of Healing and Science, has offered, for many years, to provide information and thoughts considered not only in our awakening, but also in our own healing journeys toward greater and greater light. Now, in this newer series, Hilarion wants to address some of the energies to which we are not as accustomed to on this plane coming forth to assist our balance in the times ahead, opening, and not rejecting, while balancing what is becoming part of our reality instead of seeking refuge.

We have not encountered some of the solar flares in mass as a part of our existence here in the past century to the degree happening now, nor the chaotic nodes and influxations of energies intermingled as aspects of light placing pressure on the darker realms of humanity. How do we fit in these times without losing our balance, particularly for those who have more sensitive natures? Hilarion wishes to explore the nature of one’s reality from the sense of energetics and how to keep them in balance. He will also, from time to time, answer some specifics about illnesses one might be experiencing or why certain illnesses have taken more hold in these times than others.

He says–

You have come to this earth with many great intentions to unfold, yet many are stymied by the challenges you face, never anticipated through some ailment or another, some blockage or another, some past life circumstance or blending of your higher aspects which have not adopted to the energetics of earth. And all the while these things are integrating and you are doing work to do so or to release them, new energies are coming forth you have not begun to fully balance.

This is a time to take all that into consideration and find a new theme and management practice to dispense with any interferences, with your hopes, dreams and sense of purpose. That will be my aim and mission toward this time ahead with each of you. It is with great love these transmissions will be offered.

I hope those of you open to a newer process will join with me to alleviate any misconstrued ideas long held onto which may not apply to where we are today.

In loving guidance,


As with all channelings, they will be in teleconference calls on Sunday nights at 7:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM CST / 5:00 PM MST / 4:00 PM PST.

Hilarion told Lois that “we will be using the ankh and several other techniques to rebalance fields of energy to further support us.” At the same time, we are reminded that he is often one to speak of “the human form and healing powers present on earth, as he has done in the past.”

We hope you will find this of interest and join in the newer perspective Hilarion has to share with us–beginning January 15, 2017. He has also suggested that, at times, Thoth and Mother Mary will join us with additional insights, and AA Gabriel, too.

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