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Annual New Year for 2014

Channelled by Lois Hartwick
January 5, 2014

Sunset Picture

To the members of light on planet Earth, I am Maitreya. I speak with great love and compassion for these times as none of you are finding life particularly easy in the events or the occurrences or currents you are presently in. Even as you delineate within your own specific ways to achieve higher frequencies and vibrations, it does not mean you have altered the course of your individual life plan to such an extent you no longer feel changes and alterations occurring on your plane. Just as the weather is being altered by those who have a hand within the military and beyond, you find it impossible to escape at all times that which is being fostered or brought forth at this time.

Let it be that you understand your work is aligned and connected with us, and it is often our role in a larger sense to dispensate energies which will allow for greater transmissions of clarity and smoothness on the path once your feathers are unruffled. This does not mean it must be this way, but I would say in a general blanket statement, that many of you have had specific challenges up until this point in time. It is not always you receive from us a more conscious level of support, but that is forthcoming within the spectrum of light of which I am a very strong participant and part.

This will be a year in which challenges for some increase. It will be a year in which the changes present upon your planet come into greater sight and awareness because you are often recognising, as you increase your frequency, your vibration, your clarity and your understanding, some situations you have been in for long periods of time no longer suit the actual persona you have become.

Consequently, aspects of the past begin to drop away, and efforts are made toward creating new beginnings and times in which you are fostering much greater growth than you are aware of having done before. This growth at times -- for some of you -- can be perceived as painful. Yet, from another perspective, it is no different than taking off a suit of clothing which has become shop-worn and no longer is appropriate for the light and the shine you choose to carry.

If, indeed, you are looking at an instance in your life, please observe it from the perspective you are letting go of an old piece, perhaps from this lifetime or old one perhaps, from centuries and centuries of lifetimes in which you have bargained with yourself to overcome one particular aspect or another. This is the time those completions are taking place. Within them, I would encourage you to request insight toward what you are seeking to create in the newer and higher levels you are moving into.

I would like to discuss with you briefly a place called Shamballa, which most of you have heard of and understand is in a dimensional frequency where we are able, those on higher levels, to access each other in a City of Light residing within the Earth plane on higher frequency. In Shamballa there is an opportunity for us to gather, and we celebrate certain events as well as perform levels of initiations and activations, not only for you as individuals, but also for the Earth herself, and for some of the changes foreseen coming into reality ahead. We perform a great deal of stretching of time to allow for a given pathway that might be unfolding to happen with less impact and difficulty for many of you here. At the same time, we rejoice in our company and support of each other, and the gatherings maintained at Shamballa are often most joyous ones. We are left with little to be concerned with after having completed some of these events. But we also understand our concern allows for an opportunity to see much further ahead than one may actually perceive or undertake on the Earth plane. In such a circumstance, it is easier to be joyous than perhaps what you might feel.

This year it is suggested – and has been suggested by those of us who have gathered in the latest council and committee efforts – there will be a connection more directly with those of you on Earth who are seeking to further understand your given pathway, to vision more closely what is most appropriate for you ahead, and to minimise the impact of those things you are needing to let go of.

I would also suggest, as there are times you are perceiving you need to let go of some given path you are on, that you be willing to do so, for little can any of us help when you are resistant and determined to hold on to something no longer viable in your life.

Yes, it will always be your choice.

Yes, there is no interference.

And no, there is no determination on our part to alter your course in that event.

But if you are willing to move ahead to begin to reconstruct a life which has a much different level of harmony within it, then you will be able to hear and to receive the energies from many of us. Some of you are connected very directly with a given Master or a particular Angel or some members of the higher councils who will support and encourage you to move ahead. I would merely suggest you request their assistance on a daily basis so you may be included, not only in your meditations but in your choices, whether they be insights or gut-level reactions or merely something you are knowing that you must proceed to go ahead and do.

For those of you who do not have the sense of the Master to whom you are most closely aligned, you may choose whomever you like, but you may also direct your queries, your questions and your requests towards myself, for I am able and willing to participate in this level equally with those of my brothers and sisters who are part of this overall convention and decision we have come to. It will allow for a much greater and smoother ride; it will allow for you to take some of the turns with much greater ease, but it must be as well, you are able to listen and understand or receive in some regard that which is coming before you in terms of the direction or the support we offer.

Shamballa is a place, if you were to imagine it, constructed purely of light. Every particle of this particular city is aligned and crystalline in structure. Therefore, the energy and the vibration you receive from us when we participate as a group within that reality or specifically set up a plan given directly to you, will contain this higher frequency at all times. If you are not ready to receive this energy, you may find some things you have been holding onto begin to fall away quickly and perhaps, in one or two instances even shatter. So be sure that you are willing to accept that is your pathway and know we delight in terms of serving you.

Now I would like to add a bit more about the process on your planet. There is, as you recognise and have learned by this time, most of you, great manipulation of energy and forces are on your planet take place with efforts to contain your freedom into certain pockets and areas which are more easily controlled. Some of this is done through electronics; some of it is done through frequencies such as radio waves, brainwaves, specific harmonics geared towards changing the frequencies on this planet which you were not accustomed and receive, some on a daily basis and some very infrequently.

It is now time for you to release any hold which may be aligned and may be coming forth in your direction. Toward this end, my work will begin with you this year. Those of you who feel constricted in any regard, in any aspect, whether today or in 10 months or 10 years up the line, may call on my presence to assist you in revealing the truth. At the same time allowing for blockages, which have not been so clear, to be unravelled so your presence on this planet is unfettered by those energies that may be directed toward you.

I occupy the Office of the Christ. I reflect that energy in all things. There is no part of another aspect that would come from me differing in this given light and intention. When you request assistance or support from myself, you are returning to the utmost, highest frequency of your being, at least while you are on planet Earth. There are many, many, many measures which are supportive and helpful, so I do not claim what you are doing or asking for or receiving would be any less appropriate. But it is important to recognise I am a part of this greater reality in which you live, and my energy is extended to each and every one who seeks to serve and align in this manner.

So, if indeed, four months down the line you encounter a situation of some measure of turmoil in your country or city or town in which you live, you may find it is not singularly about you, but you are a part of a reality occurring, and therefore, must find answers to deal with it at the time. I am going to suggest you realign your energy to ask for my help; that there comes forth for you a synchronistic timing and measurement of life supporting your very path and all who are around you.

It is time for people on the Earth to begin walking as I do, to have homes that are of crystalline structure, to have light pervading their bodies on all levels, in all ways. All of you knew and understood in this incarnation it would be impossible to completely go from A to Z in 5 seconds flat, that it would take time, that there would be a great slowness in some areas of transition and much speed in others. Often you are caught between the two and you find you have friends or family members who sometimes are moving along the same pathway and suddenly drop away. These things can feel like stumbling blocks and in this year of 2014 they will be even greater than you have noticed before.

Accept the gift of this level of Christ energy. Smooth your pathway. Realign your life. Recognise what comes forth is of the highest intention, not only for you but this plane as well.

Many of us have worked together this year devising a larger Plan for the creation of planet Earth in new steps ahead. We are seeking to minimise the activity of obstruction and that which has come in over long periods of time to alter the higher and greater realities on Earth. This means what has been here or has been held in place or has been so determined by some on your planet to be the direction taken, regardless of who and what you are individually, holds minimal or no light component nor alignment. As this has occurred, with an importation of our intention and work as a hierarchical group, there will be some places in which governments will topple, in which those structures long held in place and even revered by some, will cease to exist. New measures will have to be taken up ahead for such transformations to replace what has been released. At times, these structures may seem to be breaking apart and not restoring your reality. You may feel as though you are somewhat bereft without this particular familiar part of your past.

Know that you of the future -- though you have been incarnated for thousands of years on and off -- have returned from a much greater reality to this planet. And when you have been in this greater reality, you have been in the future, you have experienced the potentials and the greatness of light. It is you who chose to come back to another time, to implant that energy and light within the very structure of this planet at this time. In so doing, you make transformation possible, in so doing each one of us on the higher planes becomes enabled to connect with those of you who have graduated into a higher and more complete level of reality and awareness.

So there is a symbiotic reaction which occurs, and rather than be fearful that this is happening or that is happening, recognise you, in some respects, are a catalyst for the potential of this to occur. Do not be afraid of yourselves and what you carry. Remember instead the truth and reality of who and what you are, and from these ashes once again grows the greatest potential instead of that which is shop-worn and non-functioning for most of you.

Your world has come to a revolutionary place. At the same time that I speak about aspects or areas or structures or perhaps even realities you perceive as obsolete or changing, let me encourage you to understand and see at the same time the new beginnings starting. Information is being seeded to your plane and acted upon in one regard or another. That which becomes possible -- the new moving beyond the limitations which have long existed -- will lighten your being and make new potentials possible.

You, too, will begin to shift.

You, too, will break away from structures long held.

You, too, will open to much greater light in this year ahead.

Welcome it! Welcome the opportunities being presented. Take a new perspective and look at your life; see these changes with joy, not with fear. I understand, as all of us do, that when change occurs on planet Earth, it generates a great deal of discomfort for many and in some cases, dis-ease. This is not the intention. The intention, instead, is for you to remember, to remember who you are, that you have come back from the future, that you have already experienced and been all those changes that now will start to be revealed to you.

Be in this light, be in remembrance. Much of what is being said is to encourage you because as the fields of light start to expand and become greater, you will be fed anew. Each particle supports your presence in a much greater way and many of the things many of you have felt have been lacking in this time, or in your life, or even in your trust and hope as to the potential ahead, can be restored very quickly.

So I am going to speak about this year in two terms: In one aspect, deconstruction, and in the other, a complete polar opposite yet tied in, is the regeneration of your lives. In some cases that could be the memory and in some cases it’s the transformation. Doors will begin to open in this given year which were not here before. You have opportunities before you that five years ago would have been out of the question. And you can say “Well, I couldn’t have done this five years ago because my children were too young, or my lifestyle was too encumbered with one thing or another” and so forth. Now the opportunity is here.

I would say it is bigger than that. I would say this is a time in which all have these new opportunities walk in the door. You must be ready and welcome them and you must be willing to change your perception as to how things are happening. In some cases it is going to require some of you let go of the past, because you see, you often react to given situations as you would have in the past having experienced the repetition so many times. Some of the letting-go is letting go of the way you have patterned your reaction to life. Think about this. Use this in your meditation to ask if there are patterns you must let go of at this time. Conscious awareness and doing so will make this so much easier.

You are knowing, those of you who were here last week, that Thoth spoke about more UFO interaction. This is a truth you will see unfold as well, and not to generate fear, discomfort, dis-ease or any other reaction not of a higher light. Transmission of energies becomes even greater and more possible than it has been. Those things you are needing help with to become more harmonious and to, let’s say, level the playing field from what it has been to what you are needing will be supported by many who come forth to work with you. Be open to this potential.

I do not suggest one give up all discernment in this process, but rather to know, from the years and opportunities in your given meditations and the times ahead just who and what you are encountering, what produces joy and what does not.

In the same token, there will be new opportunities to heal old wounds. This does not necessarily mean that for those of you who were in a sword fight or some difficult situation 500-2000 years ago, that this particular wound in your auric field is that which is healed. That potential certainly exists, but there are wounds on every level, whether it be the physical or the mental or the emotional and even the spiritual, and all of them will be taken into account, and in many cases, released for those of you paying attention and requesting that this is so. You are given techniques and ways to move forward. Hold on to them, observe them, work with them. The transformation you are seeking is within yourself, and soon it will become apparent you are creating your reality.

I would look at this year as if you were all in the audience, and a movie is just starting. You are watching the credits, you are seeing lights flicker on the screen, much movement is happening. You may not fully understand what all of these people and movements are about, but you are open and receptive and ready to see that which is coming into your reality. If, indeed, you hate this picture, you can get up and walk out. Many will seek to embrace what is there, to understand further, to expand their awareness and to applaud at the end.

Welcome to 2014. I am a part with each one of you as you seek to serve in this given point in time. My request is to serve with you. Happy New Year my friends. It will be a point of great awakening yet love.

This is Maitreya.