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"I Am Peacemaker" through Lois Hartwick

I Am Peacemaker Feather

I walk the world in Peace, seeking those to commune with and hold the vibration I carry. I am one with the world in existence today. My life is no longer in form as you know it, but my steps holding energy are still there. The voices of all who proclaim life with Spirit and Nature reverberate through those who can hear and still remember who I Am.

The world is being splintered. I seek to favor the light of those seeking greater harmony in their lives, to open doors to those beginnings and to speak from the highest realms known. The peaceful path will open new worlds to those not able to see as yet. Enough strife and more people will call for the peaceful ways again. Too many believe false things. They do not honor Spirit but some vision of what life provides them beyond Earth.

To come to the table, one must have an offering. Violence will not be accepted. It is not a food for us, but peace is. Know the Great Spirit seeks all life to know Truth. Bypassing this is not an excuse. One day that will be known—for many too late. I pass to you today the White Feather. It will share its light with you. The passing of Peace from one to another.

I Am Peacemaker ~ He who walks in peace. Ahho.

Channeled by Lois Hartwick 11/24/2017

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